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Issue 9


Helma Wennemers

Interview: Enthusiastic fantastic

02 September 2010

Helma Wennemers is known for her contagious enthusiasm for science. Joanne Thomson gets infected

Research Highlights

cancer cells

Gel targets prostate cancer

23 July 2010

A hydrogel capsule seeks out prostate cancer and releases its contents directly into diseased cells


Rapid cell extraction using droplets

25 August 2010

An aqueous two-phase microdroplet system that isolates and extracts cells could aid tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research


OLEDs need gentle treatment

01 September 2010

The performance of organic light emitting diodes could be enhanced by employing better purification and depositing techniques

Hydrophobic coating

Wet weather coatings

17 August 2010

Scientists develop a fabric coating that allows water to be transported across the material in a single direction

Intrinsically conducting polymer coating

Self-healing coatings for steel

31 August 2010

A new type of ultra thin, conducting polymer film for protecting metals has been proposed by researchers in Japan

ZnO nanoparticle formation

Zinc oxide snowflakes

31 August 2010

Zinc oxide nanoparticle formation could provide new insights into how snowflakes form as well as aiding nanoscale device research

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