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Issue 10


Dave Haddleton

Interview: Solving polymer problems

30 September 2010

David Haddleton talks to Russell Johnson about polymers, problems and the little details

Research Highlights

Sperm and egg

Shining light on sperm viability

20 September 2010

New device can separate live and dead sperm, even if they aren't moving


Water splitting over nanowires

22 September 2010

Efficient artificial photosynthesis using titania nanowires

Flexible photovoltaic device

Mimicking nature's solar cells

06 October 2010

'Artificial leaves' could provide electricity in the future


Banishing bad bacteria

30 September 2010

Specially designed polymers distinguish between good and bad bacteria

Titan's ionic atmosphere

Titan's ionic atmosphere

26 October 2010

Short-lived dipositive ions as a mechanism for producing larger molecules

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

Hat trick for ChemSpider

01 October 2010

ChemSpider, the Royal Society of Chemistry's free online chemistry database, has won its third award in 2010.

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