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Whirlwind tours of exciting research areas of chemical technology.

Li-M alloys

Instant insight: Searching for better batteries

03 August 2010

Hun-Joon Sohn discusses how research is attempting to meet the ever increasing demands for higher power batteries


Instant insight: Catalysis for coal conversion

03 August 2010

Yvonne Traa discusses how converting coal to energy and fuel can be made more environmentally friendly


Instant insight: Self-healing at the nanoscale

06 October 2009

Vincenzo Amendola and Moreno Meneghetti take inspiration from nature to design materials that can repair themselves


Instant insight: A calculated risk

03 September 2009

How safe are nanoparticles? Amanda Barnard reveals how computation can help to identify and prevent nanohazards

lab-on-a-chip sensor

Instant insight: Zooming in on sensors

14 August 2009

Seunghun Hong, at Seoul National University, Korea, and colleagues discuss ways to integrate nanowires and nanotubes on chips

holographic data storage

Instant insight: Holography speaks volumes

29 July 2009

S°ren Hvilsted and colleagues explain how holograms could be the key to storing increasing amounts of information

Danger mines

Instant insight: Detecting danger

15 June 2009

Can science end the threat of terrorism? Michael Knapp and Meaghan Germain explain chemistry's key role

A bulky DNA synthesiser

Instant insight: Rewriting the genetic code

01 June 2009

Researchers' dreams of automated gene synthesis could soon become a reality, predict Jingdong Tian and colleagues


Instant insight: Molecular shuttle power

12 May 2009

Smart dust biosensors may be smaller than a grain of sand but they have big potential, say Henry Hess and colleagues

Shaped bodies made from metal-organic frameworks

Instant insight: Nothing but surface

17 April 2009

Alexander Czaja and colleagues discuss the possible applications of metal-organic frameworks for the chemical industry

Microfluidic radiosynthesis

Instant insight: Probing radioactive research

14 April 2009

Microfluidic reactors could revolutionise radiopharmaceutical synthesis, according to Siemens' Arkadij Elizarov

Hip implant

Instant insight: Bone repair breakthrough

27 February 2009

Thanks to nanotechnology, today's bone implants are so much more than your grandparent's hip replacement, say Thomas Webster and colleagues at Brown University, US

Nanomaterials on DNA template

Instant insight: Size matters

20 February 2009

Andrew Houlton and colleagues at Newcastle University explain how DNA can direct electronic materials to grow on the nanoscale

Porous silicon photonic crystal

Instant insight: Scratching at the surface of biosensors

08 January 2009

Justin Gooding, Till B÷cking and Kris Kilian of the University of New South Wales discuss how surface chemistry lets porous silicon biosensors fulfil their promise


Instant insight: Digging deep with microtools

01 December 2008

Jaime Castillo, Maria Dimaki and Winnie E. Svendsen explain how micro and nano manipulation techniques are helping researchers understand biological systems

Glass microreactor and coin

Instant insight: Photochemistry goes micro

11 November 2008

Michael Oelgem÷ller and Emma Coyle discuss how microreactors may change synthetic organic photochemistry

Schematic representation of bacteriorhodopsin

Instant insight: Protein takes charge

23 October 2008

Yongdong Jin, at the University of Washington, Seattle, US, and colleagues explain why bacteriorhodopsin is a leading candidate for biomolecular electronics

Dendrimer for OLED

Instant insight: Dendrimers in the spotlight

16 October 2008

Seok-Ho Hwang, Charles Moorefield and George Newkome from the University of Akron, US, examine the use of dendrimers in organic light-emitting diodes

People eating ice cream

Instant insight: Colloids deliver the goods

08 September 2008

Unilever's Krassimir Velikov and Eddie Pelan reveal the design behind innovative, nutritious and tasty foods


Instant insight: The wonder of gold

07 August 2008

Graham J. Hutchings, Mathias Brust and Hubert Schmidbaur introduce the newly discovered allure of gold


Instant insight: Fuel cells get cooler

27 June 2008

Solid oxide fuel cells can be used at lower temperatures thanks to advances in materials and engineering

Carbon nanotubes

Instant Insight: Solar energy turns organic

18 June 2008

Hiroshi Imahori and Tomokazu Umeyama explain why carbon nanotubes are promising candidates for organic solar cells.

A DNAzyme

Instant Insight: Making sense of DNAzymes

01 May 2008

Itamar Willner and colleagues from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, discuss the applications of DNA-based enzymes.

A molecule close to some nanoparticles

Instant insight: Detection on the nanoscale

23 April 2008

Nicholas Pieczonka and Ricardo Aroca of the University of Windsor in Canada discuss single molecule analysis using surface-enhanced Raman scattering

A schematic of the current flow through a semiconductor

Instant insight: Organic field-effect transistors

18 March 2008

Marta Mas-Torrent and Concepciˇ Rovira look at how small molecules can be used as processable semiconductors

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