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Highlights in Chemical Technology

Chemical technology news from across RSC Publishing.

Issue 5


Brett Paull

Interview: Waxing analytical

20 April 2010

Brett Paull talks about analytical chemistry, the effect of personal care products on the environment and the amazing opportunities chemists have to travel

Application Highlights

Energy production

Nuclear power without radioactivity

24 March 2010

Radiation-free nuclear fusion could be possible in the future claim a team of international scientists

Spectrum of colours

A colourful light-controlled switch

24 March 2010

A light-driven molecular switch capable of fast and reversible colour tuning could improve liquid crystal displays


MOFs for medicine

13 April 2010

US scientists have produced metal organic frameworks that release NO in a controlled manner for use in biomedical applications


Biosensors in briefs

25 March 2010

Durable biosensors printed directly onto clothing could allow continuous biomedical monitoring in soldiers and athletes

Sick building

Working night and day for a healthier office

08 April 2010

Pollutants found inside buildings could be removed by a photochemical device that works continuously from night to day

Carbon nanofibre arrays

From crab shell to fuel cell

09 April 2010

A crab shell template produces high performance porous carbon materials for electrodes

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

RSC booth success at Spring ACS

01 May 2010

The RSC stand at the Spring ACS held in San Francisco was buzzing with delegates excited by the diverse range of chemistry events, products and fun competitions on offer.

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