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Blue Crystal


A weekly selection of recent articles of interest to crystal engineers from across the RSC journals - now featured on our blog on the new Platform.

Crystal Clear - Bending Crystal

Crystal Clear

18 October 2010

A selection of the most impressive crystal images of every CrystEngComm issue - now featured on our blog on the new Platform.

CrystEngComm Impact Factor 4.2

CrystEngComm achieves highest impact factor - 4.2

18 June 2010

CrystEngComm now has an impact factor of 4.183 according to 2009 citation data released by Thomson ISI - its highest ever!

Picture of Graeme Day

Interview with Graeme Day

03 June 2010

Graeme Day talks to CrystEngCommunity about predicting crystal structures and using these calculations to design interesting properties in materials

Professor Christer Aakeroy

Associate Editor for the Americas

11 May 2010

RSC Publishing is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Christer Aakeroy as CrystEngComm Associate Editor for the Americas.

Theme Issue text

Call for Papers: Reactions in Molecular Solids and Host-Guest Systems

29 March 2010

Submit an article to this CrystEngComm themed issue. Submission deadline: 10 August 2010

Picture of Len MacGillivray

Interview with Len MacGillivray

05 March 2010

Len MacGillivray tells CrystEngCommunity about his secret to running a good research group and has some good advice for young scientists

Theme Issue text

Call for Papers: Crystal Growth

12 March 2010

Submit an article to this CrystEngComm themed issue. Submission deadline: 9 July 2010

Picture of Jane Li

Interview with Jane Li

27 January 2010

Find out more about Jane Li, R&D pharmaceutical crystal engineer and member of the CrystEngComm Editorial Board

Picture of Song Gao

Interview with Song Gao

11 January 2010

Song Gao tells CrystEngCommunity about magnetism and his love of the history of science

Stucture of Lamotrigine

CCDC archives 500,000th crystal structure

22 December 2009

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre has archived its 500,000 small molecule crystal structure to the Cambridge structural database

Picture of Concepció Rovira

Interview with Concepció Rovira

20 October 2009

Concepció Rovira talks to CrystEngCommunity about using crystalline conductors in medicine and the importance of having an open mind

Picture of Mark Spackman

Interview with Mark Spackman

18 September 2009

The newest member of the CrystEngComm Editorial Board talks to CrystEngCommunity about Crystal Explorer and kangaroos

Conference reports

Conference Reports

09 September 2009

Read reports from conferences relevant to CrystEngCommunity.

Picture of Hiroshi Yamamoto

Interview with Hiroshi Yamamoto

19 July 2009

Hiroshi Yamamoto talks to CrystEngCommunity

conference diary

Conference diary

17 July 2009

Where should you be in 2009? Take a look at these conferences before planning your own conference diary.

Picture of Pierangelo Metrangolo

Interview with Pierangelo Metrangolo

01 July 2009

Pierangelo Metrangolo talks to CrystEngCommunity about halogen bonding and travelling

Picture of Neil Champness

Interview with Neil Champness

21 May 2009

Neil Champness tells CrystEngCommunity about using order to create disorder

Picture of Christoph Janiak

Interview with Christoph Janiak

24 February 2009

Christoph Janiak talks to CrystEngCommunity about complexity in molecular crystals and running marathons

Abstract picture

CrystEngComm author survey

08 September 2008

Author survey - tell us what you think!



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