Mass Spectrometry Bulletin

The latest literature references in mass spectrometry and ion processes

Mass Spectrometry Bulletin - discontinued

RSC Publishing would like to announce the discontinuation of our print database Mass Spectrometry Bulletin (MSB).

Mass Spectrometry Bulletin has been discontinued from the end of 2011 and is not be available for renewal. As a print subscription product, our customers retain archival rights to the print versions of Mass Spectrometry Bulletin they have received.

If you are looking for an alternative subscription, please review the below:

  • Analytical Abstracts - print and online database 
  • Chromatography Abstracts - print only database      

You may also find the below Books and Specialist Periodical Report (SPR) of interest, for eBooks please contact your Regional Account Manager: 

  • Mass Spectrometry  
  • Mass Spectrometry and Nutrition Research  
  • Mass Spectroscopy SPR  
  • Miniaturization and Mass Spectrometry      

MSB was a comprehensive current awareness publication covering mass spectrometry and related ion processes. MSB was only available as a printed publication. 

- At least 400 new literature references published each month from over 400 sources.

- The coverage included:

  • instrument design and techniques
  • isotopic analysis, precision mass measurement, isotope separation, age determination, etc
  • chemical analysis
  • organic chemistry
  • atomic and molecular processes
  • surface phenomena and solid state studies
  • thermodynamics and reaction kinetics             

- Items in one section may have been cross-referenced to one or more other sections.

- All items were fully indexed to facilitate rapid access to information of interest.

- Each reference was assigned a 2-character code to indicate the level of mass spectrometric interest and the amount of data present: 

A - the paper is of major mass spectrometric interest
B - the paper is of significant mass spectrometric interest
C - the paper is of minor mass spectrometric interest             
1 - the paper contains some full mass spectra
2 - the paper contains some partial mass spectra
3 - the paper contains no mass spectra