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High impact science, fastest publication times in the chemical sciences, and award-winning technology are just some of the key benefits for authors and readers of journals from RSC Publishing. 

Fast publication

Journals from the RSC are recognised as the fastest in the field, some papers having been published within a day of receipt, including full peer review and editing. This is made possible by a dedicated, professional staff, and truly innovative electronic workflow systems.

Cutting-edge science

The RSC journal portfolio contains market-leading titles in major areas of chemistry such as PCCP  (in cooperation with many other European chemical societies), Dalton TransactionsOrganic & Biomolecular ChemistryJournal of Materials Chemistry, and Analyst  (which has been published continuously since 1876).

Chemical Science journal cover

The RSC flagship journals, Chemical ScienceChemical Communications and Chemical Society Reviews offer a home to the most innovative research in all areas of the chemical sciences.

New journals at the boundaries with other areas of science serve new and emerging research communities; journal launches in recent years include Soft MatterMolecular BioSystemsEnergy & Environmental ScienceIntegrative BiologyMetallomicsNanoscale, and MedChemComm, to name but a few.

Award-winning technology

Journals published by RSC benefit from an innovative approach to technology.   The pioneering introduction of enhanced HTML journal articles saw the RSC receive the 2007 ALPSP/Charlesworth Award for Publishing Innovation.  

In 2009 RSC announced further investment in the future of semantic technologies, as it acquired ChemSpider.   The partnership will enable RSC to work on furthering its strategic objective of disseminating knowledge to the chemical community and advancing the chemical sciences.


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RSC Journals are recognised as the fastest in the field. This is made possible by a dedicated, professional staff and innovative electronic workflow systems.