Molecular BioSystems

Research interfacing chemical biology with the -omic sciences and systems biology.

About Molecular BioSystems

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Molecular BioSystems publishes high-quality interdisciplinary research with a particular focus on the interface between chemical biology and the -omic sciences and systems biology.

"The power of the chemical approach to biology, when combined with the amazing technologies being developed in genomics and proteomics, promises to have a transforming effect on biological research and clinical medicine. This journal will strive to be a thought leader in the field, publishing not only some of the best new research, but also reviews and forward-looking articles by leaders in the field."

Professor Thomas Kodadek, Founding Editorial Board Chair


Scope of Molecular BioSystems


Main research areas include:

Chemical biology including small molecule probes of biological structure and activity, chemical genetics, enzymology, directed evolution, protein engineering and display technologies.

Systems biology approaches including simulation and modelling, data manipulation, integration and analysis techniques, high-throughput technologies.

Proteomics and genomics approaches including structural and functional proteomics and genomics, spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques, chip-based technologies, array technologies and imaging techniques.


Who should read Molecular BioSystems?


Researchers, from industry or academia, drawing on the fundamental disciplines and technologies of chemistry and biology, with the aim of providing insight, at a molecular level, into the world of life sciences. 

Thus the journal will appeal to a wide variety of researchers, but particularly to: 

chemical biologists; biological chemists; biochemists; molecular and structural biologists; drug discovery scientists; protein chemists; bio- and cheminformaticians; organic, biological, analytical, physical and inorganic chemists and materials scientists.

Molecular BioSystems

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