Volume 7 Issue 2

Published April 2006

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Volume 7 Issue 2
This issue is in celebration of the work of the Centre for Science Education, University of Glasgow, under the leadership of Professor Alex Johnstone (Guest Editor)
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Guest Editor: Professor Alex H Johnstone
A biographical sketch
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Chemical education research in Glasgow in perspective
Alex H. Johnstone
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Cognitive factors that can potentially affect pupils' test performance
Eleni Danili and Norman Reid
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Concept mapping in problem based learning: a cautionary tale
Alex H. Johnstone and Kevin H. Otis
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The development of creative problem solving in chemistry
Colin Wood
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Explicit teaching of problem categorisation and a preliminary study of its effect on student performance - the case of problems in colligative properties of ideal solutions
Vasileios Zikovelis and Georgios Tsaparlis
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Fostering creative problem solving in chemistry through group work
Liberato Cardellini
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Research into practice: visualisation of the molecular world using animations
Roy Tasker and Rebecca Dalton
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Announcement of the special issue for 2007
Theme: Experiments and the laboratory in chemistry education
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