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Issue 12, Research News

Instant Insight

gut microbes

Instant insight: DNA hitchhikers

15 November 2007

Brian Jones and Julian Marchesi, of University College Cork in Ireland, take a closer look at the genetic swap shops in our midst.


Photo of Norbert Jakubowski

Interview: Plasma screening

12 November 2007

Norbert Jakubowski talks to Laura Howes about childhood experiments, element-omics and what he'd like to learn from Einstein.

Research Highlights


Emotional enzymes

29 October 2007

Chemists in the US have created fluorescent probes that can detect enzymes affecting our emotions.

Polymer beads

Substrate screening made simple

06 November 2007

Chemists see red as they analyse 65000 peptides.

Ruthenium chromophore

Bringing warhead efficiency to light

02 November 2007

US scientists can now compare molecular warheads that inactivate proteins.

Semisynthesis of a protein

Cells surface as protein producers

26 October 2007

Scientists in Japan are using cells as protein factories.

ferrocenyl phenol

OH to be in a position of power

25 October 2007

French scientists are unravelling the anticancer secrets of ferrocenyl phenols

Gold nanoparticle bound to a peptide

Activity assay goes for gold

31 October 2007

An electrochemical biosensor for kinase activity could help in the search for new cancer treatments.

scanning electrochemical microscopy to image cells

Watching cells in action

09 November 2007

Chemists in Canada are using scanning electrochemical microscopy to image cells and follow their metabolic activity.

Essential Elements

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Tokeshi wins Pioneers in Miniaturisation prize

Manabu Tokeshi has been named as the 2007 winner of the Pioneers in Miniaturisation prize.

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