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The Analyst: aim high

Publish your communication today in The Analyst, the leading journal for fast publication of high impact communications in (bio)analytical and detection science. 

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The Analyst communications report on key chemical concepts with important analytical implications. The format is particularly popular amongst scientists. Their short format and high impact offer authors an extremely appealing way of communicating exciting new and innovative science. Communications are also fast tracked by the editorial team reflecting the urgent nature of the research, with typical receipt to publication times of 50 days.

"I am extremely pleased with the effective, professional and rapid handling of our communication. This is exactly why I picked The Analyst for submission!" says Professor Joseph Wang, Arizona State University, US.

Apart from the high impact and high citations of communications in The Analyst other benefits include a high profile within the journal; communications are positioned at the front of the journal. They are also widely promoted in the RSC's supplements Chemical ScienceChemical Technology and Chemical Biology, so that your research will reach a much wider audience.

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Interdisciplinary detection science

Crystal engineering's springboard

CrystEngCommunity, a virtual web community for people working in the field of crystal engineering, offers real benefits to you.

New for 2007, CrystEngCommunity is to host a wiki (a website which allows users to add and edit content collectively) created especially for crystal engineers. Visit the wiki to find out about terms relating to crystal engineering or to contribute to the wiki by adding new terms.

CrystEngSelects continues to be a popular feature of the community, showcasing a selection of recent articles of interest to crystal engineers from across the RSC journals. Articles are chosen from ChemCommCrystEngCommDalton TransactionsJournal of Materials ChemistryNew Journal of Chemistry and Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry and the page is updated regularly.

Alternatively, brighten up your PC or laptop by downloading some striking images from the CrystEngCommunity wallpaper gallery. Stunning new wallpapers will appear regularly throughout the year.

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Or perhaps you have something to say? The Chemistry World blog is an interactive forum for the latest news, opinions and discussion about the chemical sciences. With links to the daily news updates from Chemistry World and to many of the articles in this issue, our blog gives you the chance to air your views on the science hitting the headlines. Feeling inspired? Why not tell us about it?

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