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Issue 12, Research News

Instant Insight

An array of water-in-oil droplets

Instant insight: Reactions in droplets

09 November 2009

Microfluidic droplets could become the reaction vessels of choice for much of biological research say Yolanda Schaerli and Florian Hollfelder


David Jakeman

Interview: Sweet Science

05 November 2009

David Jakeman talks about carbohydrates, drugs and meeting Darwin. Interview by Nicola Wise

Research Highlights

Skin cells on a temperature-responsive gel

Sticky polymers for wound healing

23 October 2009

Promise for tissue regeneration therapy as temperature-responsive gels help move cells from A to B

Bacillus subtilis

Strategic screening for drugs

16 October 2009

US scientists are targeting an enzyme essential to bacterial metabolism in the search for new antibiotics

fluorescent probe

Single-base DNA resolution

04 November 2009

A fluorescent probe sensitive to differences at the single-base-level of DNA has been created by researchers in Japan

A water flea, Daphnia magna

Taking fleas for a spin

06 October 2009

French scientists have taken NMR spectra of live water fleas

A methylated bismuth compound

A piece in the puzzle of bismuth toxicology

21 October 2009

Liver cells transform inorganic bismuth into potentially toxic methylated species

Escherichia coli cells cultured on a chip with endothelial cells

Culture clash for good and bad bacteria

23 October 2009

Lab-on-a-chip that co-cultures cells from the human gut offers screening for probiotics

Essential Elements

Oxygen symbol

A new generation of conferences

The International Symposia on Advancing the Chemical Sciences is a new global sympoisia series

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