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Keiji Maruoka

Keiji Maruoka was born in 1953 in Mie, Japan. He graduated from Kyoto University (1976) and received his Ph.D. (1980) from University of Hawaii (Thesis Director: Prof. H. Yamamoto). He became an assistant professor of Nagoya University (1980) and promoted to a lecturer (1985) and an associate professor (1990) there. He moved to Hokkaido University as a full professor (1995-2001), and currently is a professor of chemistry in Kyoto University since 2000. He was awarded the Japan Chemical Society Award for Young Chemist (1985), the Inoue Prize for Science (2000), the Ichimura Prize for Science (2002), Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award of Japan (2003), Nagoya Silver Medal (2004), the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Award and the Award by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2006), the Japanese Chemical Society Award (2007), and the Novartis Lecturship Award (2007/2008). He was an associate editor of Chemistry Letters (2001-2004), and is a member of the Editorial Board of "Chemical Communications", "Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry", and "Chemistry - An Asian Journal". He has a wide range of research interests in synthetic organic chemistry. His current research interests include bidentate Lewis acids in organic synthesis, molecular recognition with bowl-shaped molecules, and practical asymmetric synthesis with chiral organocatalysts including chiral C2-symmetric phase-transfer catalysts and binaphthylamine catalysts.

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