Microsoft Word Templates

Click on a link to download templates and instructions in compressed archive format (you will need suitable decompression software to access the contents of the archives below).

Use the Communication template for:

  • communications only   

Use the Article template for:

  • articles (including Edge articles, except for Faraday Discussions)
  • all other paper types   

Use the Report template for:

  • articles for Faraday Discussions  

Be sure to read the readme.txt file that accompanies the template before you start, it contains important information on how to use the various elements that make up the template.

Microsoft Word 2010

These templates are for use with Microsoft Word 2010.

Microsoft Word 2007

These templates are for use with Microsoft Word 2007.

Template Feedback
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CIF Data Importer

The CIF data importer is a tool available in the RSC Word templates for authors to import crystallographic structure data from a CIF file as a formatted table or footnote.

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