Analytical Methods

Early applied demonstrations of new analytical methods with clear societal impact

New journal announced: Analytical Methods

05 March 2009

It was announced today that a new journal from RSC Publishing will be launched in Autumn 2009. 
Analytical Methods: Advancing Methods and Applications, will highlight new and improved methods for the practical application of analytical science. 

With Pittcon, the biggest event in the analytical science sector looming, RSC Publishing have got an excellent opportunity to spread the good and exciting news amongst the analytical science community. Come to booth #3410 to find out more about Analytical Methods
'This new journal will complement the existing RSC journal portfolio of analytical science publications,' said Dr Robert Parker, Managing Director of RSC Publishing. 'It increases the RSC's footprint in an important area of analytical science, ensuring all members of the analytical science community have a home for their work within RSC journals.'

As a peer-reviewed journal, Analytical Methods will publish full papers, topical reviews and technical notes. With a focus on fundamental and applied modern analytical science, the journal will appeal to both academic and industrial scientists. From launch, the latest issue of Analytical Methods will be made freely available to all readers via the website. Free institutional access to all 2009 and 2010 content will be available following a simple registration process. For further information about Analytical Methods, please contact the editorial team.

Analytical Methods
poses the perfect addition to the well-established series of analytical journals published by the RSC: Analyst, publishing cutting edge research, gives an analytical perspective on the leading topics in the chemical, biological and physical science. JAAS  publishes  innovative research on the fundamental theory and application of spectrometric techniques. Analytical Abstracts  is the database for analytical science information with over 400,000 records from 1980 to the present. 

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Analytical Methods

Early applied demonstrations of new analytical methods with clear societal impact