Licensing regulations

Customers who wish to subscribe to RSC Publications in electronic form must agree to the Terms and Conditions of one of the Electronic Access Licence Agreements. Please contact your Regional Sales Representative if you would like more information.

Customers who have subscribed to RSC Publications and wish to access the electronic form must register their IP addresses.  This can done by completing the IP Address Registration Form.  When completing the form you will agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Single Site Electonic Access Licence Agreement.

IP Address registration form

Full instructions on how to register your IP addresses for access to online journals and databases

SPR Purchasers' Agreements

Purchasers of Specialist Periodical Reports (SPRs) applying for Free Access to Electronic Chapters must agree to an SPR Purchasers' Agreement.

Downloadable Files

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader

Contact your Regional Account Manager

For customer services and sales advice and support, please contact your regional contact.