RSC Gold

RSC Gold


RSC Gold  is the fantastic resource from The Royal Society of Chemistry that offers   all online journal, database and magazine content in one package*, as well as  a cutting-edge eBook series. RSC Gold is also ever-increasing in value and content, with all new journals being automatically added to your package as they publish at no extra cost.


So what does RSC Gold include?    



Analytical Methods

Biomaterials Science

Catalysis Science & Technology 

Chemical Communications

Chemical Society Reviews


Dalton Transactions

Energy & Environmental Science

Environmental Science: Nano***

Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

Environmental Science: Waters Research & Technology**

Faraday Discussions

Food & Function

Green Chemistry

Integrative Biology

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (JAAS )

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C

Lab on a Chip

Materials Horizons***



Molecular BioSystems


Natural Product Reports

New Journal of Chemistry

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) 

Polymer Chemistry

RSC Advances 

Soft Matter

Toxicology Research



RSC Journals Archive 1841-2007 lease 


Literature Alerting Services

Analytical Abstracts 

Chemical Hazards in Industry 

Laboratory Hazards Bulletin 

Natural Product Updates 

Synthetic Reaction Updates 


eBook Series

Issues in Environmental Science & Technology 



Chemistry World 

Education in Chemistry 


Reports Backfile

Annual Reports Sections A, B and C (1967-2013)

**Free to access until end of 2016           ***Free to access until end of 2015


All this, and don't forget that all customers receive a set number of voucher codes to publish RSC papers via Open Access. For more information, click on the Gold for Gold link below. 

Plus RSC Gold customers can now apply to join the RSC's Partner Programme at no additional charge. For more information, contact us using the appropriate contact and further information below.

RSC Gold is available online only. For pricing, please contact your Regional Account Manager.


* Excluding The Merck Index Online  and Frontiers  journals

Gold for Gold

An innovative initiative that allows researchers to publish Gold OA articles free of charge

What do librarians think of RSC Gold?

"Students and researchers at the University of Leeds benefit greatly from having access to the full range of journal, database and magazine online content provided by the RSC Gold collection. The quality information published in these high impact journals is invaluable, not only in supporting our chemistry-focused research, but also in enriching our interdisciplinary activity in the fields of food science, nanotechnology, environmental sciences, and more." 

Dan Pullinger, Faculty Team Librarian, University of Leeds, UK


"Having the RSC Gold package not only allows students and researchers access to the discoveries of today, but also to nearly 170 years of exploration in the chemical and related sciences. With a dedicated set of core chemistry-oriented journals and newer titles devoted to cutting-edge, interdisciplinary areas, the RSC Gold collection will assist in achieving the discoveries of tomorrow." 

Jeremy Garritano , Chemical Information Specialist and Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University, USA    


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