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We publish more than 35 peer-reviewed journals, two magazines, and over 1000 books, spanning subject areas of analytical science, biological chemistry, catalysis, chemical biology & medicinal chemistry, energy, environmental science, food science, general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, nanoscience, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. 

Publish with us and you'll be supporting the wider scientific community and future generations of chemists and chemical scientists. 

Here are just some of the benefits we provide: 

  • Simple and effective on-line submission service including a choice of file formats and layout 
  • Scientifically trained editorial and production staff to guide you through the publication process 
  • No page charges or submission fee for you to pay 
  • Free use of colour 
  • Open access publishing options, compliant with most major funding agencies - 
  • Accepted Manuscript option, making your research available in citable form even more rapidly 
  • Free electronic reprints (pdf) of your own paper(s) to circulate and print as required
  • Hot articles highlighted in Chemistry World and in the wider scientific press 
  • Links from your article to ChemSpider, the award winning chemistry resource 
  • The opportunity to apply for a travel grant to aid international collaboration 
  • 25% discount on Royal Society of Chemistry books

Discounts for RSC Authors, Editors and Referees on all RSC books

Discounts for RSC Authors, Editors and Referees on all RSC books

RSC Travel Grants

Available for international collaborative research or RSC scientific meetings


Search 28 million chemical structures and their properties, patents, publications and more.

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