Barrer Award Current Winner

Barrer Award current winner, Ben Slater
Ben Slater
University College, London, UK

Distinguished for his innovative contributions to the development and application of computer modelling techniques to the science of microporous materials, especially relating to the surface properties of these materials and to the mechanisms of crystal growth.

Ben Slater delivered his Barrer lecture at the Faraday Division Award Symposium at University College London on 28 January 2009.

About the winner

Ben Slater's first degree was in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham (1991), followed by a PhD entitled 'Computer Modelling of Transition Metal Oxides' at the University of Reading, working with Prof. Mike Drew (1995). 

From Reading he moved to the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory at the Royal Institution of Great Britain to take up a PDRA position with Professor Richard Catlow (1995-1997) and later with Professors David Williams, Richard Catlow and Marshall Stoneham (1997-1999). 

He took the post of assistant director at the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory in 1999 where he remained until July 2007 when he became a lecturer at the University College London Department of Chemistry.

His research interests are in materials chemistry working on understanding surface chemistry of nanoporous and icy substances as well as metal oxides and pharmaceuticals. He uses an array of simulation techniques and helps to develop approaches to modelling nanoscale phenomena using quantum mechanical and force-field based methods.

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Department of Chemistry at University College London, UK

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Upcoming Lectures

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Ben Slater will deliver his Barrer Award lecture at the upcoming BZA conference at the University of Cumbria

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