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Panel membership

The RSC panel members who will judge the Prizes and the Awards for 2014 are listed below. 

Awards Working Group

  • Susan Gibson, Imperial College London (Chair) 
  • Alan Handley, Laboratory of the Government Chemist  
  • Andrew Merritt, Medical Research Council Technology   
  • Tina Overton, University of Hull   
  • Leo Salter, Retired - formerly of Cornwall College 
  • David Cole-Hamilton, University of St Andrews 
  • Graham Hutchings, Cardiff University 
  • Liz Rowsell, Johnson Matthey     
  • Howard Colquhoun, University of Reading 
  • Ray Jones, University of  Loughborough                       

Analytical Division Awards Committee

  • Alan Handley, Laboratory of the Government Chemist (Chair)     
  • Gary Heiftje, Indiana University  
  • Perdita Barran, University of Edinburgh      
  • David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline 
  • Mark Fitzsimons,    University of Plymouth 
  • Sara Evans, University of Hertfordshire                              

Chemistry Biology Interface Division Awards Committee

  • Andrew Merritt (Chair), Medical Research Council Technology
  • Rob Field, John Innes Centre
  • Patrick Steel, Durham University
  • Mike Page, University of Huddersfield
  • Rein Ulijn, University of Strathclyde                      

Dalton Division Awards Committee 

  • David Cole-Hamilton, University of St Andrews       
  • Richard Layfield, University of Manchester 
  • Jennifer Houghton, Technical University of Denmark       
  • Anne-Katrin-Duhme Klair, University of York 
  • Philip Mountford, University of Oxford                      

Education Division Awards Committee

  • Tina Overton, University of Hull (Chair) 
  • Alan Bassindale, Open University
  • Matthew Almond, Reading University
  • John Dexter, Trinity School, Nottingham
  • Jane Essex, Keele University                  

Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division Awards Committee

  • Leo Salter (Chair)
  • William Davison, Lancaster University
  • John Harris, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Helen Keenan, University of Strathclyde
  • William Bloss, University of Birmingham                 

Faraday Division Awards Committee

  • Graham Hutchings (Chair), University of Cardiff
  • Sharon Ashbrook, University of St. Andrews
  • Anthony Harriman, Newcastle University
  • Pat Unwin, University of Warwick
  • Tuomas Knowles, University of Cambridge
  • Marina Kuimova, Imperial College London
  • Edman Tsang, University of Oxford                   

Industry and Technology Division Awards Committee

  • Liz Rowsell, Johnson Matthey (Chair) 
  • Riaz Choudhery, Akzonobel 
  • Jim Darwent, University of Liverpool 
  • David Sadler, Syngenta
  • Richard Toon, Keele University
  • Allan Malcolm, Solvay 
  • Bryan Hanley, Wrigley                     

Materials Chemistry Division Awards Committee

  • Howard Colquhoun (Chair), Reading University
  • Neil Robertson, University of Edinburgh
  • Annela Seddon, Bristol University
  • Andrew Cammidge, University of East Anglia
  • Marie-Beatrice Madec, Solvay                        

Organic Division Awards Committee

  • Ray Jones (Chair), Loughborough University 
  • Klaus Mueller, F. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd. 
  • Peter O'Brien, University of York 
  • Rachel O'Reilly, University of Warwick 
  • Jonathan Williams, University of Bath 
  • David O'Hagan, University of St. Andrews                         

Charles Rees Award Sub-Committee

  • David Knight (Chair), University of Cardiff
  • Adrian Dobbs, University of Greenwich
  • Robin Attrill, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Sharon Rossiter, University of Hertfordshire
  • John Spencer, University of Sussex
  • Steve Stanforth, University of Northumbria
  • Andrew Williams, Eli Lilly            

Supramolecular Chemistry Award Sub-Committee 

  • Ray Jones, Loughborough University
  • Jonathan Williams, University of Bath
  • Thorri Gunnlaugsson, Trinity College Dublin
  • Anne-Katrin-Duhme Klair, University of York      
  • Richard Layfield, University of Manchester 
  • Sylvia Draper, Trinity College Dublin                     

Organometallic Chemistry Award Sub-Committee 

  • John Clough, Syngenta
  • Richard Whitby, University of Southampton
  • Rachel O'Reilly, University of Warwick
  • David Cole-Hamilton, University of St Andrews
  • Michael Hill, University of Bath
  • Philip Mountford, University of Oxford           

Sir Derek Barton Award Sub-Committee 

  • Ray Jones, Loughborough University
  • Anthony Barrett, Imperial College London
  • Steven Ley, University of Cambridge
  • William Motherwell, University College London 

Nomination Information

Guidelines for Nominators of Awards

Includes nomination requirements, selection procedure and timeframe information on making a nomination for an RSC Award

Guidelines for Nominators of Prizes

Includes nomination requirements, selection procedure and timeframe information on making a nomination for an RSC Prize