Young Industrialist of the Year Award 2013 Winner

Dr Gordon Saxty
Dr Gordon Saxty
Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc

For his original and innovative contributions to fragment based drug discovery resulting in multiple clinical candidates, highly regarded publications and an extensive list of patents.

About the Winner

Gordon Saxty did his Masters in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Manchester (UMIST) where, as part of his first degree, he also worked at Sanofi-Aventis (formally RPR). He then went on to do a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Imperial College, London under the supervision of Professor Donald Craig with a CASE award from GSK, Stevenage.

Currently he holds the position of Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry at Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Cambridge, UK where he has worked for just over 10 years on Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) programmes, several of which have progressed into clinical trials as potential new drugs to treat cancer. He is an inventor of 25 published patents and is an author on one of the most accessed Journal of Medicinal Chemistry articles from 2007, on FBDD of PKB/Akt inhibitors.

He has been a Member of the RSC since 1997 and a committee member of the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) committee since 2004. As part of the BMCS he helped organise several multidisciplinary national and international meetings including Fragments 2007-2013; Proteinase 2006-2011; PG symposium on Biological and Medicinal Chemistry 2007-2013; DMPK for Chemists; and the RSC-SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Churchill College, Cambridge 2011-2013.

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