Cutter Bequest

Image of front cover of Case Studies Cutter Bequest
Three projects have been funded by the latest bequest

  • Spot checks in chemistry
  • Green chemistry in undergraduate practical courses 
  • Case studies in undergraduate chemistry courses    

The publications resulting from each project have been sent free-of-charge to all university chemistry departments in the UK. 

Spot checks in chemistry

This CD-ROM of shorts tests has been developed to be used by students and teachers in a flexible way. Students can use the tests on an individual basis to assess their understanding of various topics, and teachers can use them to determine where students are experiencing difficulties.

Green chemistry in undergraduate practical courses

This book contains a series of new undergraduate practicals which demonstrate the applications of some of the principles of green chemistry to synthetic organic chemistry. The practicals have been developed and trialled by Dr Jeff Hardy and represent examples of clean synthesis, renewable feedstocks, heterogeneous catalysis, continuous reactors and phase transfer catalysis.

Case studies in undergraduate chemistry courses

This book contains a series of new problem solving case studies which focus on core areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry for use during the early stages of higher education programmes. The case studies are based on real events and problem scenarios and provide a context within which students can work individually and in teams to tackle problems and make decisions.

Previous Cutter Bequest resources

Resources created using the Cutter Bequest in previous years

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