Previous Cutter Bequest resources

Three previous Cutter Request projects were: 

  • Problem Solving in Analytical Chemistry
  • Communication Skills in Chemistry
  • Progressive Skills Development in the Laboratory        

We apologise for any inconvenience but these publications are no longer available to purchase.

Problem Solving in Analytical Chemistry

The RSC's Degree Courses Review (1992) highlighted the teaching of problem-solving skills as an essential part of a chemistry undergraduate's education and training. 

Fifty problems broadly based in analytical chemistry have been developed and are useful in all areas of chemistry. The exercises are for use in tutorials as group exercises or for individuals. Each exercise includes a teacher's guide and solution. The exercises range from basic calculations to open-ended industrial problems which aim to develop the student's problem solving abilities.

Communication Skills in Chemistry

The teaching assessment exercises highlighted the teaching of communication skills as one where additional emphasis is needed. A teaching package on communication skills for use in chemistry degree courses has been developed. 

The teaching package provides resource materials on various aspects of communication skills. It consists of novel exercises and tutor's guidance notes for use in chemistry degree courses.

Progressive Skills Development in the Laboratory

The RSC's report on The Design and Delivery of Degree Courses in Chemistry states "that the restrictions on resources and the time allocated to practical work are causing a decline in the extent of practical work and the standards achieved". 

A series of laboratory experiments for use in chemistry degree courses has been produced covering the main branches of chemistry. Universities may use or adapt these experiments to meet their own needs, and incorporate their own experiments to reinforce and consolidate the development of skills and techniques within their chemistry degree course. 

The experiments range from simple experimental techniques to open-ended practical experiments and are aimed at first and second year undergraduate chemistry students. 

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