Reproductive Risks of Chemicals at Work

30 November 2011

The purpose of this Note is to provide clarification of some of the complex and potentially emotive issues surrounding the subject of reproductive hazards, and hence risks, from chemicals at work. It is concerned only with known and suspected potential effects on human reproduction. 

The Note is not intended to provide data on individual chemicals; such information may be available from other sources (see 'Further Reading'). 

Reproductive hazards of chemicals at work are taken into account when the obligatory COSHH assessments are made. Legislation relating to the control of reproductive risks from chemicals at work merges into broader aspects of employment law which are not the subject of this Note. 

Furthermore where legislative considerations are mentioned these refer to the situation in the United Kingdom which is increasingly determined by developments at European level. This is a rapidly developing subject and the committee recognises that it may be necessary to revise this Note in due course in the light of new knowledge and legislative changes.

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