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An adequate and secure supply of energy is essential for development but must be achieved with minimum adverse environmental impact. Society must move from an economy based on fossil fuels to a more sustainable energy mix. This will require scientists and engineers to develop sustainable energy solutions and to find more efficient ways of producing and using existing fuels during the transition.

This section defines the challenges that exist and identifies the key research and development areas for the chemical sciences that are needed to support development in the energy sector.

Electric Car

Energy conversion and storage

Improve the performance of energy conversion and storage technologies, such as batteries, and develop sustainable transport systems.


Nuclear energy

Ensure safe and efficient harnessing of nuclear energy, through the development of fission and investigation into fusion technologies.

Solar panels

Solar energy

Develop existing technologies into more cost efficient processes and develop the next generation of solar cells to realise the potential of solar energy.

Biopower and biofuels

Develop processes to ensure production is environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and financially viable. (Further information to follow).

Energy efficiency

Improve the efficiency with which energy is generated, transmitted and used. (Further information to follow).

Fossil fuels

Ensure more efficient use of fossil fuels while minimising environmental impact during the transition to renewable generation technology. (Further information to follow).


Develop new materials and techniques for safe and efficient generation and storage of hydrogen. (Further information to follow).

Nuclear waste

Ensure safe and effective storage and disposal of radioactive waste through reduction, separation and re-use. (Further information to follow).

Wind and water

Development of new component materials to minimise costs and maximise benefits. (Further information to follow).

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