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Future cities

Half of humanity now lives in cities, a figure which is expected to increase into the future. As a result, it is a great challenge to provide adequate resources and services to these urban populations.

This section looks at the role for chemists in addressing the challenges cities face, concerning: their creation and continued growth, energy generation and use in buildings and homes, public safety and security, ICT, and transport.


Develop technologies that help provide healthy, clean, sustainable urban environments through management of waste, water and air quality.

Home energy generation

Develop new technologies and strategies for local (home) energy generation and storage with no net carbon dioxide emissions.

Home energy use

Significantly reduce the burden of buildings/homes on energy consumption.

Construction materials

Use of materials for construction, which consume fewer resources in their production and confer additional benefits in their use.


Make urban transport fuel less inefficient and environmentally damaging.

Information Communication Technology

Create opportunities for the successful commercial application of technological innovations in ICT infrastructure to meet public and business demands.

Public safety and security

Increaseing the role of technology in ensuring people feel safe in their surroundings and that their surroundings are environmentally protected.

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