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Human health

Thanks to improvement in health care, people are healthier and live longer today than ever before. However, the progress in health over recent decades has been deeply unequal. Considerable and growing health inequalities exist in many parts of the world.

The nature of health problems is also changing. Longer lives and the effect of ageing have increased the burden of chronic disorders. While urbanisation and globalisation have accelerated worldwide transmission of communicable diseases.

This section covers the challenges that exist relating to improving and maintaining accessible human health in a changing world.



Advancing to earlier diagnosis and improved methods of monitoring disease.


Drugs and therapies

Harnessing and enhancing basic sciences to help transform the entire drug discovery, development and healthcare landscape.


Enhancing our life-long contribution to society and improving our quality of life. (Further information to follow).

Hygiene and infection

Preventing and minimising acquired infections, through improved techniques, technologies and practices of the anti-infective portfolio. (Further information to follow).

Materials and prosthetics

Exploiting orthopaedic implants and prosthetics to enhance and sustain function fully. (Further information to follow).

Personalised medicine

Delivering specific, differentiated prevention and treatment on an individual basis. (Further information to follow).

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