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Lifestyle and recreation

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Lifestyle and recreation contribute to quality of life and bring a sense of wellbeing to individuals and communities. The latest advances in items we purchase, promote convenience and perceptions of well being.

One of the key issue we face is to reconcile the need to reduce the levels of energy and environmental resources that we consume, while at the same time maintaining and improving quality of life for all.

This section covers the challenges that exist in providing a sustainable route for people to live richer and more varied lives.

Creative industries

Continuing innovation to give new options to designers, artists and architects.


Combine efficacy with safety and sustainability when designing and producing household and personal care products.

Sporting technology

Develop new materials that enable higher performance and bring a sense of well-being to the wider and ageing population.

Advanced and sustainable electronics

Coupling improvements in electronic devices with sustainable product design.


Encouraging a move away from a conventional, low-cost, disposable fashion culture to new systems which provide design scope, along with environmental sustainability.

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