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Water and air are essential constituents of life. Sustainably providing enough clean safe water is a major global challenge. Estimates predict that by 2025 more than half of the world population will potentially be facing some level of water-based vulnerability.1 These challenges are exacerbated in the face of an increasing population, climate change and man-made pollution.

This section focuses on the challenges that exist in the areas of drinking water quality, water demand, waste water, contaminants, air quality and climate.

[1] Kulshreshtha S.N., A global outlook for water resources to the year 2025, Water Resources Management 12 (3) 167-184, 1998

Chemistry for Tomorrow's World

Drinking water quality

Making it a priority for everybody to get access to clean drinking water.

Water demand

Developing management and distribution strategies to ensure that clean water remains accessible as demand increases. (Further information to follow).


Making wastewater treatment energy neutral, there by enabling the beneficial re-use of its by-products. (Further information to follow).


Researching measurement, fate and impact of existing and emerging contaminants. (Further information to follow).

Air quality and climate

Understand the chemistry of the atmosphere in order to predict the impact of changes and to enable us to prevent and mitigate further changes. (Further information to follow).

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The RSC and its network aim to raise awareness and support research into water through various policy activities, public activities and other events.

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