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Jess Ham

Chemistry Undergraduate

Jess Ham

Chemistry student and winner of the Bill Bryson Prize for Communication in 2012.

Jess Ham won the Bill Bryson Prize, an award for science communication, in 2012. An enthusiastic young scientist who combines comics with chemistry, Jess has a real interest in teaching others. Her ideal goal would be to combine a love of circus performance with chemistry knowledge in a travelling show; she goes to show that not all chemists want to work in a lab, and you can find out more from the 175 Faces of Chemistry.

“The course wasn’t what I was expecting: it’s very mathematical, fast-paced and a huge step up from A level.”

How did I get started?

Chemistry was easily the subject that excited me the most at GCSE.

Career progression

I have some aspirations to go on to learn circus performance skills, ideally I'd love to combine them with my chemistry to teach people about science.