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Dr Allyson Reed

Director of Enterprise and Communication

Dr Alyson Reed

I began in academia but now help nurture science-based businesses to their full potential.

Using her experience from a career which spans time spent in academic research and working in industry, Allyson loves working to help scientific businesses reach their full economic potential.

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“If you look at some hi-tech businesses of tomorrow they're often solving some of the big challenges; climate change, low carbon economy, new transport, healthcare, helping the aged. ”

How did I get started?

I recall being fascinated by the interference colours from materials being lathed at a young age. Although I always loved mathematics and sciences I confess I initially found chemistry a little boring, but it turned into my real passion later on.

Career progression

I've had a varied career involved in academia and then business where I have worked in both the public and private sectors, helping grow ideas into viable business propositions.

Skills used

Data Handling and Research, Communication, Creativity, Innovation, Management, Team Worker

“The range of opportunity for chemistry to play a major role in the businesses of tomorrow is just limitless.”