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Jamie Gallagher

Scientist, Engineer and Science Communicator

Jamie Gallagher

I aim to show people how fascinating and exciting the world of science and chemistry can be.

Jamie is equally passionate about his science and telling people about it. His research covers aspects of both chemistry and electrical engineering and he loves to communicate his work to others at every opportunity he can, be it a science festival or a burlesque evening!

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“There is a kind of kick that when you investigate something, you are the first person in the world to know that thing!”

How did I get started?

When I was eight years old I got a chemistry set and started mixing things together, in the kitchen and all over the house. This was the beginning of my exploring and becoming scientifically obsessed.

Career progression

Science communication is about helping others get into science, whether that's as a career or just as an interest.

“When I start talking about science I do get carried away because there are so many exciting things I want to tell people. I want to stop people in the street and say 'did you know this?'”