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Teachers and Careers Advisers

Chemistry Careers information for Teachers and Careers Advisers

The Royal Society of Chemistry offers a range of resources to help you promote chemistry careers and qualifications to school or college students.

Use this website with your students to help them explore the wide range of careers and qualifications in chemistry that are available to them.

Printed careers material such as booklets and posters can be requested from the RSC Education team.

We also offer a wide range of teaching resources to support chemistry teachers through the Learn Chemistry website.

The Learn Chemistry Partnership is a free programme that connects you and your school with the world's leading chemistry community - and all our tools and resources to help you bring chemistry to life in your classroom.

We offer further support to teachers through our range of online and face to face Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. 

We support chemistry STEM Ambassadors (UK) who can come and talk to your students about careers in chemistry. These can also be accessed in Republic of Ireland through SmartFutures.

For an even wider range of profiles of people working in chemistry try 175 Faces of Chemistry.

Other resources that help support careers in STEM:

Did you know?

14,000 people are directly employed in the chemicals sector in Scotland (excluding the education sector) and up to 70,000 people in total