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European parliament refuses to back diversion of research cash

27 April 2015  News and Analysis

Committees tell President Jean-Claude Juncker to think again on funding for stimulus package


Fast-track peer review trial ends following resignations

24 April 2015 News and Analysis

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Payment trial for expedited reviews ends in wake of editorial board resignations

Science skirmishes continue on Capitol Hill

24 April 2015 News and Analysis

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Republican research funding bill faces opposition from science and academic research groups

Disrupting graphene

24 April 2015 Research

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Scientists hope their comprehensive roadmap will help tease out graphene’s potential

Grant application peer review system 'works well'  

Statistical analysis finds high peer review scores are linked to more ‘impactful’ rese...

SiRNA treatment cures Ebola in monkeys  

Researchers perform the first successful trial for a drug against the current strain of Eb...

Chemists seek end to chemical warfare on centenary of its first use  

International community produces the Ypres Declaration to reaffirm disarmament objectives

Carbon nanotube-based sensor detects meat spoilage  

Electron density of cobalt porphyrin complexes key to meat freshness sensor

Daiichi Sankyo steps out after Sun-Ranbaxy merger  

Ranbaxy’s Japanese owner has sold off its stake in the merged company, but will retain i...

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Imaging the future

24 April 2015 Premium contentFeature

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Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to open their eyes to the power of mass spectrometry imaging, finds Nina N...

Crossing the valley of death  Premium content

Katrina Krämer examines efforts to bridge the gap between university research and commerc...

Big problems with little particles?  

There is a risk that poor toxicology studies could start undermining the success of nanoma...

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