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Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

28 July 2014  Business

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay off 1500 staff to propel earnings growth


Bruker winds down underperforming instrument lines

30 July 2014 Business

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Stand-alone gas chromatographs and certain mass spectrometry products to be sold off

Underwater self-healing polymer mimics mussels

30 July 2014 Research

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Temporary hydrogen bonding network stitches damage as the material fuses together

Nanoparticle protects protein drug cargo

29 July 2014 Research

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Proteins cling to co-polymer thanks to electrostatic interactions

Spray-deposition steers perovskite solar cells towards commercialisation  

Scientists make headway on scalability hurdles

Reckitt Benckiser to spin out US pharma arm  

Declining heroin addiction treatment sales prompt divestment as company focuses on over-th...

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes  

Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way to impro...

Plant plastics reach for the stars  

Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent plastic

Future direction of Dutch science considered  

Role of private industry heads a number of issues that confront how science is put to work...

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The other carbon dioxide problem

29 July 2014 Premium contentFeature

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Carbon dioxide produced by human activity is acidifying the ocean at an unprecedented and alarming rate. Nina Notman investig...

Detecting chirality  Premium content

Katia Moskvitch finds out about the latest techniques to determining a molecule’s chiral...

Chemists at war  Premium content

The first world war saw chemistry play a vital role – and in more than just poison gas. ...

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