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Doubts raised about key BPA substitute

11 February 2016  News and Analysis

Mounting research suggests a favoured bisphenol A replacement has similar biological effects and may be no safer


EU science funding boosts job prospects over the next decade

11 February 2016 News and Analysis

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The now defunct FP7 scheme may still generate up to 130,000 new research positions per year  

Supreme Court halts Obama's clean power plan

11 February 2016 News and Analysis

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White House plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants is temporarily frozen by the supreme court

Environmental scientist calls for extensive climate mitigation studies

11 February 2016 News and Analysis

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Carbon dioxide removal operations will need to start by 2020 if emissions targets are not met

Research bureaucracy put in crosshairs by Chinese government  

New policy offers scientists greater independence and control of how they spending funding

Stronger gluten bolsters bioplastics  

Plants manipulated to produce enhanced building blocks for biopolymers

‘High risk’ research should be championed at German universities  

Expert panel urges government to extend excellence initiative that would help institutes j...

‘Forbidden chemistry’ drives carbon bond forming sequence  

Flow process harnesses unstable diazo compounds in room temperature reactions

Oil slump reverberates in chemicals  

Collapse in crude prices has complex and mixed effects on markets for derivative chemicals

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Age of the phage

8 February 2016 Premium contentFeature

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Hayley Birch discovers how researchers are using proteins from viruses to create new antimicrobial drugs

A volatile question  Premium content

VOCs are more than just a man-made problem. Anthony King looks through the wood to the tre...

The cutting edge of gene editing  

The new gene-editing tool Crispr is taking the scientific world by storm, reports Katrina ...

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Organic Matter

Enigmazole A

Although tricky to spot, rearrangements can simplify a synthesis, says BRSM

Critical Point

The toxic tale of the Flint water crisis

The city’s dilemma highlights serious regulatory failings but demonstrates the empowerment offered by citizen science, explains Mark Peplow

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Minsky’s microscope

Following the death of Marvin Minsky, Andrea Sella sheds light on how confocal microscopy transformed imaging techniques