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Sunset for perovskites?

4 May 2016  Research

Calculations cast shadow over solar cell materials


Lack of data on BPA exposure in developing countries

4 May 2016 News and Analysis

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Few studies focus on developing countries where regulations around BPA use are less strict

Iron-rich silicate plays cosmic matchmaker

4 May 2016 Research

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Findings could help explain abundance of molecular hydrogen in interstellar space

Cancer deals spread

4 May 2016 Business

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AbbVie nabs antibody specialist Stemcentrx, while Sanofi pursues Medivation

Chemours sheds disinfectants and aniline  

Dow Chemical and Germany’s Lanxess will buy plants as Chemours restructures following it...

Spain's largest research institution benefits from economic recovery  

The CSIC doubles the number of permanent scientist posts that it will create this year

European food safety body to review BPA safety  

EFSA will revisit data after studies suggest low exposures affect immune health

Nobel prize winner and buckyball discoverer Harry Kroto dies  

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president with a passion for science communication passe...

Broken ribozyme comes to life  

Low temperatures on early Earth may have helped RNA world organisms emerge

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The fleeting frontier 

29 April 2016 Premium contentFeature

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Andy Extance finds out how chemists are studying processes lasting trillionths of a second – and even less – using laser-...

Searching for complexity  

Lee Cronin’s research ranges from inorganic clusters to robot reactors driven by algorit...

Plastic problems  Premium content

Tiny pieces of plastic may be doing as much harm in our oceans and waterways as the big st...

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Towards a new plastics economy

Global change is needed to avert disaster, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Do androids dream of electrostatics?

Artificial intelligence could be better than you think


Healing the world

Will GSK's move towards licensing patents in developing countries, rather than rigidly defending them, improve access to medicines?