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Failed coup leads to crackdown on academics

22 July 2016  News and Analysis

More than 1500 deans have been dismissed from universities amid claims of a settling of political scores


HPLC-free synthesis slashes protein production time

25 July 2016 Research

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Tagging system may make building biologically relevant proteins faster, cheaper and greener

Hydrogel fulfils burning desire for dissolvable bandage

25 July 2016 Research

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Burn dressing created that simply washes off, rather than having to be cut away could mean less pain for patients

Former Lotte Chemical chief under fire

22 July 2016 Business

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Ex-head of South Korean firm grilled by prosecutors over alleged fake accounting records

World doping body reinstates Rio lab  

Drug lab will test athletes’ samples for the Olympics after questions about standards at...

No health effects from chemicals from West Virginia spill  

January 2014 leak from Freedom Industries’ site at levels too low to harm people’s hea...

National Academies seek post-Brexit commitments from government  

Seven leading scientific societies have published a joint statement of concern for the fut...

Israeli chemists urge government to ban chemical weapons  

Open letter presses prime minister to ‘remove the curse of chemical weapons from the fac...

Pink paper probe exposes formaldehyde  

Simple test can find carcinogenic pollutant in liquids, air and even living cells

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GPS for your health

22 July 2016 Premium contentFeature

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Our individual environmental history – where we live, work and visit – can be linked to our health. Katrina Megget looks ...

Explosive science  Premium content

Nina Notman learns the role chemistry plays in monitoring volcanoes and understanding the ...

Joining the injured  

Andy Extance discovers how new medical adhesives are overcoming the difficulties bodily fl...

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Homo citans and carbon allotropes

Roald Hoffmann and Davide Proserpio ask why citation is so important to chemistry


No time for grief: we must act

The UK science community must set its priorities in a post-EU world and win over the science sceptics, says John Womersley


It’s not easy being green

Ali Bouzari looks at why it’s so tricky for chefs to keep food verdant