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Roche chases bolt-on acquisitions as it pushes into genomics

28 January 2015  Business

Company’s recent shopping spree aims to harness genome sequencing to advance personalised treatments


Graphene looks to doped superbenzene to overcome electronic hurdles

29 January 2015 Research

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Carefully designed jigsaw pieces may provide solution to graphene bandgap difficulties

Tiny volcanic cracks ‘incubated’ ancient DNA

28 January 2015 Research

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Rock pores may provide answer to mystery of how longer and longer DNA strands arose on the ancient Earth

Live insects pictured with electron microscope

28 January 2015 Research

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A protective ‘nano-suit’ made from a common detergent protects specimens in a vacuum

Ex-US Navy weapons specialist arrested over chemical stockpile  

Arrest made in Canada over osmium tetroxide stores and other chemicals that triggered evac...

BPA use poses 'no health risks', says EU  

A European Food Safety Authority evaluation has found the use of BPA in plastics does not ...

Plant plaster protects wine from vine decline  

Fungal infection threatening to devastate vineyards could be halted by eco-friendly nanofi...

Fears for forensic quality in England and Wales  

Audit reveals little data on services police purchase and a regulatory unable to enforce s...

Shire deepens rare disease focus with NPS buyout  

Approval of parathyroid hormone drug further validates acquisition decision

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DNA gets with the program

27 January 2015 Premium contentFeature

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Molecular computing systems could improve disease diagnosis – and even hack living cells, finds Andy Extance

Mapping the mosquito  Premium content

Uncovering how mosquitoes sniff out their human victims may lead to new tools to conquer m...

Flowing rivers of mercury  

Philip Ball investigates claims that the burial chamber of China’s first emperor contain...

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