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Big name coffee chains drawn into acrylamide fight

23 September 2014  News and Analysis

Starbucks and other coffee chains are being sued in California by a non-profit that wants carcinogen labels slapped on their drinks


Bayer to sever polymer arm

23 September 2014 Business

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German chemical giant’s exit from the materials world will help fund its crop and healthcare ambitions

One-shot tomography gives atomic-scale 3D images

23 September 2014 Research

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High-sensitivity transmission electron microcopy produces precise 3D images of nanocrystals from just a single 1D snapshot

Swiss readmitted to Europe's huge science programme

23 September 2014 News and Analysis

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Spat over immigration from the EU smoothed over for now, but partial re-entry to Horizon 2020 may not last

US drops restrictions on more GM seeds  

Dow's herbicide-resistant corn and soybeans spark renewed criticism from environmental cam...

Molecular knot shaped like a Star of David  

Entwined molecular knot made from two catenanes crosses at six points

Scotland's 'no' vote pleases much of the science community  

Calls made for a 'period of mature reflection' as promises of greater autonomy for Scotlan...

Molten metal batteries set to store grid power  

Tests show that cheap, scalable battery should still have 85% of its storage capacity a de...

Quintuple bond activates small stable molecules  

Exotic complexes suggest route to synthetic feedstock

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Chemistry in bloom

23 September 2014 Feature

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Sarah Houlton discovers the chemistry among the specimens at many botanical gardens

Unpicking natural product synthesis  Premium content

Is total synthesis in danger of a decline? Nina Notman investigates

Life in the freeze frame  Premium content

Using x-rays to probe biological molecules has revolutionised science. Clare Sansom looks ...

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