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New solution to missing xenon paradox

23 April 2014  Research

The exceptional heat and pressure at the Earth's centre may have locked xenon up in iron and nickel compounds


GSK corruption investigation widens

23 April 2014 Business

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BBC investigation airs allegations of misconduct in Poland

Lead piping 'unlikely' to have poisoned Romans

23 April 2014 Research

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Lead pipes did contaminate water supplies, but not enough to cause severe poisoning

Molecules mimic mesmerising mathematics

22 April 2014 Research

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Computer modelling predicts formation of molecular quasicrystals

Graphene made in a kitchen blender  

High quality flakes of two-dimensional material exfoliated from graphite points way to bul...

How to print a crystal in 3D  

Rather than looking at a crystal on a screen, print it out and hold it in your hand

Para-xylene plants face uphill struggle for acceptance in China  

Chemistry students come to defence of latest project's safety but government and industry ...

Starfish glue secrets under the microscope  

Temporary adhesive holds promise for surgery and tissue engineering applications

DNA cube programmed for an exclusive reveal  

Hydrogen bonds keeping the cube’s shape only unzip in the presence of a very specific tr...

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The sultan of synthesis

11 April 2014 Feature

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Phil Baran is spurring organic chemists to rethink how they make complex compounds, as Mark Peplow discovers

Targeting breast cancer  Premium content

Tamoxifen has been treating breast cancer for 40 years, but few would have predicted how m...

Digging deep for safer water  Premium content

Arsenic-laced water is still poisoning millions of people in Asia. Nina Notman looks to se...

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The Crucible

Family values

Do larger research groups mean mentorship and ethics will inevitably suffer?


Strength in numbers

For all the value it provides, analytical chemistry doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, say Mark Powell and Steven Lancaster

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Reduced to clear

Karl Collins contemplates reducing amides to alcohols instead of amines