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Science communication competition 2015–16

1 October 2015  News and Analysis

Your chance to present at the Royal Institution and be published in Chemistry World


Antimony recovery lights up lamp waste recycling

2 October 2015 Research

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Green method produces fertiliser as a byproduct

Refreshing Van Gogh’s faded flowers

2 October 2015 News and Analysis

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2014–15 competition winner Paul Brack reports on AkzoNobel’s colourful collaborations with the Van Gogh Museum 

Megasupramolecules promise to quell fuel explosions

2 October 2015 Research

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‘Sticky-ended’ molecules that self-assemble into long chains may have made 9/11 less deadly

Excess protons play hopscotch in water  

Researchers confirm proton transport mechanism first mooted 200 years ago

Argentina mine accident spills cyanide into rivers  

More than a million litres of cyanide solution entered nearby rivers after a gold mine acc...

Drawn out proteins make self-healing scaffolds  

Self-assembling protein tubes can be shaped into a flexible, branching network that can su...

Regulatory burden undermining US science  

Duplicative and contradictory research rules need to be streamlined, the National Academie...

A little platinum goes a long way  

Sustainable scale-up of hydrogen generation

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Egyptian blue: more than just a colour

2 October 2015 Feature

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Paul Brack finds new science in an ancient pigment

Perfumery: the molecular art form  

Sam Lear describes how to create the perfect scent

A veneer of Vermeer  

Wei-lun Toh tells a story of forgery and chemical detectives

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