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Complex amines made easy (and cheap)

22 May 2015  Research

Iron-catalysed cross-coupling brings together nitroarenes and olefins in a single step in boon for drug makers


Organic chemistry’s complexity conundrum

22 May 2015 Research

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New tool seeks to answer the question: can an organic chemist’s intuition be quantified?

Canada sets climate target

21 May 2015 Business

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Canada aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from energy-intensive sectors by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030

Response to tainted US drinking water criticised

21 May 2015 News and Analysis

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Scientific advice in the US is poor when it comes to responding to drinking water contamination

Molecular pump points way to non-equilibrium chemistry  

Chemical system mimics nature's trick of accumulating molecules against a concentration gr...

Research shines light on perovskite solar cell manufacturing  

Efficiency record for perovskites may be broken after development of new manufacturing met...

Getting closer to secrets on the seabed  

Scientists in Spain are developing a technique to analyse minerals and artefacts underwate...

Taking the lead on drug discovery  

Making compounds that promise to become useful drugs has just become a little easier

Malaria drug could cash in on green chemistry  

Minimising acid and solvent toxicity brings surprising benefits in artemisinin production ...

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Capturing carbon

22 May 2015 Premium contentFeature

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Andy Extance finds uncertainty over efforts to capture and store CO2 from power generation

All set for chemistry  

Chemistry sets through the years have both weathered and reflected many changes in science...

Natural non-caloric sweeteners  Premium content

Food companies are starting to switch from synthetic to natural sugar substitutes, Rachel ...

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The Crucible

How do we solve a problem like Marie?

Women in science’s history deserve better treatment than myths and martyrdom, says Philip Ball


The nuclear danger of iodine

It may not be an element you think of as problematic. But, as Mark Foreman explains, iodine causes very complicated problems in nuclear accidents


It's the stupid economy

Some things can’t be measured in money