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Poor management of antibiotics squandering life-saving drugs

24 November 2015  News and Analysis

Internet and over-the-counter sales along with counterfeit drugs is driving a worldwide rise in antimicrobial resistance


US universities face federal R&D funding fall

24 November 2015 News and Analysis

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Federal support for higher education R&D in the US lagged behind inflation for the third year in a row

Retracted papers get hooked up to linguistic lie-detector

24 November 2015 News and Analysis

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Study reveals possible link between obfuscation and massaged data in retracted papers

Chlorinated compounds form in tea and coffee

24 November 2015 Research

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Treated water reacts with organics to form disinfection byproducts

Labour would increase R&D spending to 3% of GDP  

Shadow chancellor says a Labour government would commit to increasing investment in resear...

Nasa develop ‘chemical laptop’ for on-the-go analysis  

Portable laboratory can search for molecules associated with life

Capturing infrared to give solar cells a lift  

Quantum dots could help solar devices break efficiency limit

Brazilian mine disaster releases dangerous metals  

Irreversible negative human health and environmental effects could result from Brazilian m...

Move over moonshine, here comes sunshine  

New twist on distillation efficiently separates ethanol from water using light

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Dating the age of humans

20 November 2015 Premium contentFeature

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Physical science is helping archaeologists close in on the real answers behind the mysteries of human evolution, finds Ida Em...

Molecule-making microbes  Premium content

Extracting terpene drugs from plants is difficult and wasteful, so pharma companies are lo...

The dream of zeolite design  Premium content

Zeolites are important industrial catalysts, so why can’t chemists make them to order? A...

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