Chemistry World podcast - January 2014

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0.57 - Further to last month's podcast, a new investigation into the death of Yasser Arafat concludes that he was not poisoned with polonium-210. New report concludes Arafat was not poisoned

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1.58 - Citizen scientists in the US have played a pivotal role in the discovery of a new cancer-killing compound. Crowdsourcing unearths promising anticancer compound

4.35 - After 150 million theoretical calculations, scientists at Harvard University in the US reveal results that could cut down the time and cost of experimental tests to find better organic electronic materials for solar cells. Big data approach to solar cells

7.38 - Phil Ball takes us through the history of the Turin Shroud - Chemistry in the face of belief
14.24 - Meat found mummified and preserved in a valuable oil show that ancient Egyptians valued their food, even after death. Meat mummies a feast fit for a Pharaoh
16.42 - Chemical analysis of 2000 year old pottery artefacts unearthed in southern Mexico suggests that people were spicing up their diet with chilli sauce almost a thousand years earlier than previously thought. Earliest use of chilli sauce put back hundreds of years
20.26 - Mike Glazer looks at the history of crystallography and the discovery of x-ray diffraction. Crystal clear
26.28 - A raft of new hepatitis C treatments are reaching approval stages, but may hit rough waters with Indian patent laws. New wave of hepatitis C drugs hits US shore
31.03 - For those who nursed a New Year’s hangover, David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College London, has an idea with obvious appeal: a reversible alcohol substitute. The morning after the night before
33.42 - Do you see the stories in science? If you 're interested in science writing, journalism or communication - this is the competition for you. Chemistry World science communication competition 2013


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