Raiders of the lost steel

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Carbon nanotubes: Saladin's secret weapon

15 November 2006 News Archive

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Carbon nanotubes are no longer the proud boast of 21st century materials scientists - mediaeval sword-smiths got there first.

Tutankhamun’s burial dagger is ‘extra-terrestrial’ in origin

6 June 2016 Research

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Analysis of the iron in the 3000-year-old mummy’s dagger suggests it originally came from a meteorite

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Beyond element 118: the next row of the periodic table

29 January 2016 News and Analysis

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A technological leap may be called for to expand the number of elements in existence

New German excellence strategy gets political go-ahead

21 June 2016 News and Analysis

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Scheme will provide €500 million to bolster country’s best universities and fund best research