UK government to invest £167 million in doctoral training

The UK universities and science minister Jo Johnson has announced the government will invest £167 million in doctoral training over the next two years. Johnson says the investment will help to train the ‘science leaders of tomorrow’.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council will distribute the funding between 40 universities, with a doctoral training grant varying between £489,000 and £18.5 million depending on a university’s existing research grant income.

Making the announcement during a visit to the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub in Oxford, Johnson has also committed £37 million to bolster the UK’s Quantum Technologies programme. The initiative was set up in 2013 to help commercialise quantum-based research such as quantum computing.

Johnson said in a statement: ‘We are committed to securing the UK's position as a world leader in science and innovation. This new funding builds on our protection for science spending by supporting research in our world-leading universities.’

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