Software reviews

Pore-Cor network modelling suite

Pore-fluid behaviour can be viewed in a virtual reality environment

e-Learning Programs

The first three web-based learning modules of the 'Practical Lab Skills' demonstrate

Structural Design Suite

Structure Design Suite software provides a convenient resource database for dissociation constants (pKa) and partition coefficients (logP)


If you're at all interested in protein-ligand interactions, then Relibase (and Relibase+) from CCDC are certainly worth a look


Instant-JChem is an out-of-the-box desktop application for storing and searching chemical structures and their properties from ChemAxon


We are in the process of switching to ConturRDC to take control of the raw data from our instruments


The new ChemBioOffice 11.0 package by CambridgeSoft offers a very flexible approach

KnowItAll U system

The Informatics Division of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. recently introduced the KnowItAll U system

FlexX suite

Fragment-based drug design (FBDD) has emerged as an efficient and productive route for de novo drug discovery

Materials Studio

Materials suite was used in a multiscale modeling approach to optimise the structure of sulfonated triblock copolymers