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White House tightens oversight of dangerous studies

29 September 2014  News and Analysis

New rules governing so-called ‘dual use’ research will take effect in a year, but there is concern that they will stymie critical studies

Backlash as EPA considers fracking chemicals disclosure rules

30 September 2014 News and Analysis

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EPA has been warned that forcing greater transparency could jeopardise trade secrets

Tiny tips reveal cells’ chemical secrets

30 September 2014 Research

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Penetrating microprobe enables rapid mass spectrometry of single cells’ contents

Mirror peptides hitch a lift into the cell

30 September 2014 Research

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Hijacking nature’s tricks to smuggle drugs across the cell membrane

Pick and mix macromolecules  

Activating C-H bonds in molecular building blocks enables complex macromolecules to be cre...

Nanoparticle studies leave the lab  

Scientists take to the outdoors to show that single walled carbon nanotubes accumulate and...

NIH wants scientists to consider sex in research  

Preclinical and clinical research is overreliant on male test subjects which can cloud fut...

Merck KGaA to buy Sigma–Aldrich  

$17bn acquisition expands Merck’s life science business and US presence, but it isn’t ...

Perovskite solar cells show hydrogen production promise  

Highly efficient solar cells and catalysts made from cheap, common materials use sunlight ...

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