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Experimental Ebola drug 'impressive' in animal trials

1 September 2014  Research

All primates given ZMapp are cured of Ebola but the drug is still a long way from approval in humans

Wendy Brown: Space dust chemistry

1 September 2014 Research

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The University of Sussex’s Wendy Brown explains how astrochemical research is done in the lab

Roche to buy InterMune for respiratory boost

29 August 2014 Business

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$8.3bn deal gives Roche a leading position in pulmonary fibrosis

Rigid molecular wires make electrons fly

29 August 2014 Research

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Organic wires conduct electrons 800 times faster than other molecular counterparts by letting them hitch a ride on a vibratio...

Concerns over chemical treatment of reclaimed fracking fluid  

Current recycling procedure may do more harm than good

DuPont settles pollution charges for $1.3m  

Allegations relate to eight hazardous chemical leaks in West Virginia between 2006 and 201...

Illuminating test measures fat in milk  

Fluorescent probe has much to offer the dairy industry

Cost of scientific misconduct smaller than feared  

Analysis puts a price on misconduct for US funder and claims it only comes to $58 million ...

Clinical collaborations drive cancer immunotherapy  

Companies race to pair up chemotherapy drugs with immune system-boosting antibodies to gre...

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