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26 June 2015  News and Analysis

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Magnetism measured for superconducting hydrogen sulphide

1 July 2015 Research

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New work backs up previous observations of superior hydrogen sulphide superconductor

EU science chief sets out proposals to boost innovation and research integrity

1 July 2015 News and Analysis

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Carlos Moedas wants to set up an Innovation Council and an initiative to tackle misconduct in Europe

Simple reaction shows quantum interference

1 July 2015 Research

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Chemical reactions can show interference patterns similar to those seen in the classic double-slit experiment

Ex-Navy man cleared of chemical threat charges in Canada  

An American arrested in Canada for stockpiling chemical weapons has been acquitted

Space-like conditions give rise to metabolic precursors  

Study suggests that vitamin B3 and quinolinic acid could have originated in int...

New explosive is powerful but greener  

Researchers have made one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosives to date

US Chemical Safety Board controversy continues  

The CSB is facing more tumult, with staff shake-ups and new revelations about its top lawy...

Ban proposed on recruitment of Russian talent to reverse brain drain  

Legislation to prevent overseas 'talent scouts' from operating in the country has backing ...

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