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Crawling chemical system acts as if it’s alive

24 May 2016  Research

Intriguing globule that moves, eats and defecates

1922 chemistry Nobel medal up for auction

24 May 2016 News and Analysis

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Prize awarded for the discovery of non-radioactive isotopes expected to sell for £200,000

Large HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa

24 May 2016 News and Analysis

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US funding agency will enlist 5400 people for HIV vaccine study in South Africa in November

US drug giant will no longer supply lethal injection drugs

24 May 2016 News and Analysis

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With Pfizer’s exit no US-approved pharma firm will sell its drugs to be used in executions

Polymeric pod promotes virus’s pesticidal powers  

Dendrimer DNA carriers broaden range of virus targets

WHO clarifies glyphosate risks  

UN and WHO panel conclude the herbicide glyphosate is ‘unlikely’ to cause cancer at re...

Global code of ethics planned for chemists  

International group drafts new guidelines on safety, conduct and sustainability

AFM maps bacteria on skin  

Scientists measure binding forces between bacteria and skin cells for better vaccines and ...

White House unveils microbiome research plan  

New $121 million initiative will foster integrated study of communities of microorganisms ...

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