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New light microscope creates 3D movies inside living cells

23 October 2014  Research

Researchers have built a microscope that can examine the inner workings of living cells in 3D

Next milestone in US HCFC phase out

23 October 2014 News and Analysis

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Ozone-depleting refrigerants will be phased out by 2020 under new rules

Amgen seeks injunction to protect patents

23 October 2014 Business

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Sanofi and Regeneron sued over cholesterol-regulating antibodies

Iridium forms compound in +9 oxidation state

23 October 2014 Research

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Iridium oxide cation made by pulsed-laser vaporisation in the gas phase

Agilent to exit NMR  

Closure of loss-making ex-Varian business gives users investment dilemma

US agency fast-tracks Ebola vaccine development  

Health and Human Services invests almost $6 million to ready an Ebola vaccine candidate fo...

Cyanide test for cassava  

Colour changing system indicates if developing world staple is ok to eat

Research to make pathogens more dangerous halted  

US agencies temporarily suspend funding certain ‘gain-of-function’ research until new ...

Free legal help for embattled US scientists  

Pro bono effort to defend government and university scientists from ‘harassment campaign...

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