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European parliament refuses to back diversion of research cash

27 April 2015  News and Analysis

Committees tell President Jean-Claude Juncker to think again on funding for stimulus package

High hopes for ACS cannabis division

28 April 2015 News and Analysis

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An effort to create a cannabis division within the American Chemical Society is gaining momentum

Defective by design

28 April 2015 Research

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Structural disorder brings out desirable but counterintuitive phenomenon in metal–organic framework

Fighting crime with covert nanowires

27 April 2015 Research

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Nanobarcode is encoded and read with electron beam irradiation from a transmission electron microscope

E-paper display draws on child’s toy  

For interactivity, scientists take a leaf out of the Magna Doodle book

Fast-track peer review trial ends following resignations  

Payment trial for expedited reviews ends in wake of editorial board resignations

Science skirmishes continue on Capitol Hill  

Republican research funding bill faces opposition from science and academic research group...

Disrupting graphene  

Scientists hope their comprehensive roadmap will help tease out graphene’s potential

Grant application peer review system 'works well'  

Statistical analysis finds high peer review scores are linked to more ‘impactful’ rese...

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