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DNA repair research takes the 2015 chemistry Nobel

7 October 2015  News and Analysis

Recipients discovered how cells can patch up damaged DNA

And the time of death was?

9 October 2015 Research

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Mathematical model behind forensic tool that tests blood to determine post-mortem interval

EPA fines Mosaic Fertilizer over hazardous waste handling

8 October 2015 Business

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US Environmental Protection Agency agrees settlement contract including $8m penalty and $800m in investments

Controversial new trade deal finalised

8 October 2015 Business

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership could raise the price of medicines, especially in developing nations

Chemists harness impermanent ‘star’ molecule  

Iron complex overcomes [5]radialene’s enthusiasm for reacting with itself, filling decad...

Bristol-Myers-Squibb fined for alleged Chinese bribes  

US Securities and Exchange Commission accepts $14m settlement for charges covering the las...

Microfluidic device lets the drop beat  

Body-on-a-chip system that uses human cardiac cells has its finger on the pulse of microfl...

Live blog: Unravelling DNA repair mechanisms takes chemistry Nobel  

Keep up with the latest news and gossip on the Nobel prize

Call for collaboration to take on resistance  

Better partnerships across research, industry and policy are needed to tackle antimicrobia...

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