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Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

28 July 2014  Business

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay off 1500 staff to propel earnings growth

Reckitt Benckiser to spin out US pharma arm

28 July 2014 Business

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Declining heroin addiction treatment sales prompt divestment as company focuses on over-the-counter and consumer products

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes

28 July 2014 Research

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Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way to improved capacity

Plant plastics reach for the stars

28 July 2014 Research

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Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent plastic

Future direction of Dutch science considered  

Role of private industry heads a number of issues that confront how science is put to work...

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off  

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule thick – could ...

NGOs call for Europe's chief scientific adviser post to be scrapped  

Environmental groups say policy advice should come from several different sources

Uranium complexes unlock feedstock potential of carbon dioxide  

Carbon dioxide and depleted uranium both put to good use

Magnetic nanocubes self-assemble into spirals  

Tiny cubes of magnetite form superstructures under a magnetic field

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