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Painkiller found in plants may not be natural after all

18 September 2014  Research

Cow pats from cattle fed tramadol could explain how the drug came to be in an African herb

Quintuple bond activates small stable molecules

19 September 2014 Research

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Exotic complexes suggest route to synthetic feedstock

Dragonfly crystals on a silicon wafer

19 September 2014 Research

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Electron microscope captures dragonfly-shaped film growth on silicon surface

US pushes for global phase-out of HFCs

19 September 2014 Business

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Executive actions and industry commitments aim to speed up adoption of alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon greenhouse gases in ...

US genomics lead being lost to China  

NIH senior leaders are sounding the alarm bells, saying the US's pre-eminence in genomics ...

Blaze destroys Nottingham sustainable chemistry lab  

The cause of the fire that destroyed the £20 million centre that was still under construc...

Computer simulations point to formamide as prebiotic intermediate in ‘Miller’ mixtures  

Electric field may have provided more than just energy for primordial chemistry

Ozone layer no longer thinning  

UN Environment Programme's latest research finds ozone layer is thickening in places

Freeing a world of fixers  

Company profile: Sugru mouldable silicone rubber lets you mend what’s broken and hack st...

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