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News February 2009


More data from mixtures via NMR

27 February 2009

New diffusion separation technique for NMR helps chemists analyse mixtures

Zebra mussel

Ionic liquids put zebra mussels off their food

27 February 2009

Aquatic organisms' feeding behaviour can be affected by ionic liquids

Hip implant

Instant insight: Bone repair breakthrough

27 February 2009

Thanks to nanotechnology, today's bone implants are so much more than your grandparent's hip replacement, say Thomas Webster and colleagues at Brown University, US

Segment of an FTIR image of tumour tissue

Stainless skin cancer diagnosis

27 February 2009

An infrared imaging technique that can distinguish different types of skin cancer has been developed by scientists in France

Solar cells

Analysis hints at solar energy alternatives

26 February 2009

Revisiting old research may hold the key to creating a portfolio of affordable solar energy materials

NMR of powdered drugs

Crystal clear method for identifying powders

26 February 2009

NMR and theory join forces to characterise drugs

Neurons in a brain

Instant insight: Food for thought

26 February 2009

How much does our diet have an effect on human memory and learning? Jeremy Spencer considers the case of the flavonoids


Nano-regulation creeps closer

25 February 2009

Canada the first country to start a mandatory safety reporting scheme for companies producing nanomaterials

Blood cleansing device

The medical power of attraction

25 February 2009

Magnetic microbeads that cleanse blood of toxic pathogens could save thousands of lives

Chinese money

Financial help for China's chemical industry

24 February 2009

China's government approves petrochemical industry economic revival plan

A liquid droplet on the super-repellent surface

Nanowire forests repel liquids

24 February 2009

An oil-repelling surface could prevent leaks from pipelines, say Chinese researchers


Reading DNA base by base

22 February 2009

A technique to electrically detect DNA bases from a single DNA strand could lead to cheap and simple sequencing

calcium(I) inverse sandwich

Calcium caught in an inverse sandwich

20 February 2009

First stable calcium(I) structure a surprise discovery

Fluorescence image of particle

Picture perfect particles

20 February 2009

Complex 3D microparticles made using a new microfluidic method could be used in tissue engineering

structure of amino acid bonded to interstellar silica dust

Did space dust start life on Earth?

20 February 2009

Amino acids could have found their way from deep space to start life on Earth, say scientists in Italy

Nanomaterials on DNA template

Instant insight: Size matters

20 February 2009

Andrew Houlton and colleagues at Newcastle University explain how DNA can direct electronic materials to grow on the nanoscale


Selective catalyst cracks direct peroxide production

19 February 2009

Acid-treated catalyst converts hydrogen and oxygen directly into hydrogen peroxide

Expanded hydrogel nanoparticle

Nanoparticles give cancer drug a boost

19 February 2009

Efficiency of Taxol improved by encapsulating it in a polymer nanoparticle


Nanomaterials blossom

18 February 2009

'Nano-flowers' self-assemble under magnetic fields

TEM image of gold nanoparticle

Single nanocatalyst behaviour revealed

18 February 2009

Single molecule spectroscopy uncovers gold nanoparticles' catalytic secrets


Obama signs off on billions of dollars for research

18 February 2009

Extra federal support comes through economic stimulus measure

plastic recycling bin

New lease of life for used cola bottles

18 February 2009

Scientists turn waste plastic into useful ultra-strong carbon spheres

chromatin plates

DNA takes a new form

17 February 2009

New chromatin studies reveal 'more realistic' structure for DNA in replicating chromosomes

Biofilm growing on selected areas of a patterned gold surface

Biofilms under control

17 February 2009

Microbe communities shun an artificial sweetener for a means to study biofilm growth

Mole rat

Rodents shed light on aging

16 February 2009

Mole rats reveal that oxidative stress is only half the story


Prostate cancer biomarker could speed diagnosis

11 February 2009

Testing urine for sarcosine may give new insights into prostate cancer diagnosis and progression

Corn stover

Making biofuels the chemical way

11 February 2009

A single step reaction could make biofuel production from agricultural waste economically feasible

An Antarctic icefish Picture credit: Uwe Kils

(No) twist in the tale for icefish protein

11 February 2009

A cyclic peptide has shattered an established theory about fish antifreeze

Nanotube growth model

Controversial new theory for nanotube growth

10 February 2009

A theoretical model for nanotube growth provokes debate among nanotube experts

Detlef GŁnther

Interview: From nano to macro

10 February 2009

Detlef GŁnther talks to May Copsey about nanoanalytics, football and measuring the largest crystals in the world

Fluorescent molecule

Lighting up the active site

10 February 2009

A fluorescent dye attached to a catalyst probes catalytic cycles at the single molecule level

Red blood cells

Exercise capacity improved with molecules

09 February 2009

Cyclic pyrophosphate encourages haemoglobin to surrender oxygen more easily in tissues where it is needed most

Thomas Carell

Interview: Making DNA movies

09 February 2009

Thomas Carell talks to Kathleen Too about epigenetics, DNA lesions, repair and crystallisation

Fluorescent thermometers

Molecular thermometer takes cell temperature

09 February 2009

Fluorescent polymer accurately takes the temperature inside living cells

crude oil

Instant insight: Metal detectors for clean fuel

09 February 2009

Guilhem Caumette, University of Pau - IFP, France, outlines the techniques used to find metal contaminants in petroleum and how they will lead to superior fuels

Chemical plant

EU clash over pollution permits

06 February 2009

Confrontation over a proposed law to cut industrial emissions looks likely

CD4+ T-cell counting microchip

HIV diagnosis improved

06 February 2009

A cheaper and easier way to monitor HIV in patients could revolutionise global health care, according to scientists in the US

Crystalline polymer nano-layers

Crystalline polymers make airtight films

05 February 2009

Squeezing polymers into nano-layers makes impermeable crystals

nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotube catalysts 'better than platinum'

05 February 2009

US researchers hail new electrochemical catalyst as a possible boon for fuel cells

Linda Birnbaum

Toxicologist assumes leadership of key NIH institute

05 February 2009

New NIEHS chief wants to forge greater connections with regulators

Effector binding at an allosteric site

Instant insight: Sorting perturbed proteins

05 February 2009

Ruth Nussinov and colleagues put their case for a more organised way of looking at protein allostery

A marine sponge

Marine sponges show their age

04 February 2009

Scientists have found chemical proof that sponge life existed 40 million years earlier than previously shown


BASF seeks GM alternative

04 February 2009

BASF are using directed mutagenesis to tweak plants' own genes


GSK targets autoimmune biologics

04 February 2009

New deals swell GSK's immuno-inflammatory pipeline

MOF Films

Crack-proofing MOF membranes

03 February 2009

Metal-organic framework membranes reinforced by wire mesh

3 bottles of dye

Fluorescent tags to see catalysts in action

03 February 2009

German researchers have used a fluorescent tag to monitor the state of a catalyst during a chemical reaction


Food additive promotes tissue regeneration

02 February 2009

A fast acting, injectable hydrogel could be used to regenerate cartilage in injured patients