The Crucible

Views across the divide

Philip Ball talks to chemists across Europe affected by Brexit about their concerns for the future of UK science

In the Pipeline

Now you’re talking my language

Chemistry would be impossible without a hidden fluency that many of us don’t even realise we have, says Derek Lowe


Jumping through loopholes

Getting outraged at drug price hikes is all very well, but we need more constructive options


No time for grief: we must act

The UK science community must set its priorities in a post-EU world and win over the science sceptics, says John Womersley

Classic Kit

Laplace’s calorimeter

Andrea Sella finds that even a scientific giant reached the limits of his ability when it comes to managing people in the wake of the French Revolution

Organic Matter

Lighting up crowded corners

Combining photocatalysis with organocatalysis opens doors to chiral quaternary centres, says Karl Collins

Critical Point

Beyond Brexit

UK researchers must argue loudly and clearly for a settlement that safeguards science, says Mark Peplow


July 2016

Readers' thoughts and feedback


That’s the Spirit

19 July 2016

That’s the Spirit

The Fire Medicine

19 May 2016

The Fire Medicine