The Crucible

Birds’ eye views

Philip Ball asks whether quantum biology holds the secret to how birds navigate

In the Pipeline

Let's see that again

Has chemistry evaded the reproducibility crises affecting other branches of science? Or is it just a question of scale, asks Derek Lowe


A chemistry renaissance

There's welcome evidence of a resurgence of interest in chemistry in the UK


Tricks of temperature

Ali Bouzari reveals why we should follow coffee shops, not French gastronomists, when it comes to flavour extraction

Classic Kit

Timms’ reactor

Andrea Sella condenses the story of a breakthrough in organometallic chemistry

Organic Matter


Sometimes improving synthesis requires a strategic re-think, says BRSM

Critical Point

Shadow of Chernobyl

Mark Peplow takes the long view on the cost of nuclear power 


April 2016

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The Fire Medicine

19 May 2016

The Fire Medicine

ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt

13 April 2016

ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt