The Crucible

A shared secret?

Do chemistry and alchemy have a common ancestor, or are they separated by science, asks Philip Ball

In the Pipeline

A risky business

Graduate research is likely the most risky time of a chemist’s career, says Derek Lowe


Drugs in a class of their own

Business leader: New drug types need careful regulation to reward innovation while protecting patients


Fluorine in space

Henrik Jönsson explains why fluorine holds a unique place in the understanding the history of the universe

Organic Matter


BRSM wonders what makes a route so good it becomes the last total synthesis of a complex target

Critical Point

Credit where credit’s due

Disputes over authorship can be a source of conflict in the lab. The solution is greater transparency, says Mark Peplow


June 2015

The value of PhDs, defending the defence scientists and retention problems in teaching


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