The Crucible

Birds’ eye views

Philip Ball asks whether quantum biology holds the secret to how birds navigate

In the Pipeline

Throwing things over the fence

Saying ‘That’s someone else’s problem’ is asking for trouble, says Derek Lowe


Do androids dream of electrostatics?

Artificial intelligence could be better than you think


Towards a new plastics economy

Global change is needed to avert disaster, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Classic Kit

Gahn’s blowpipe

Andrea Sella explores the evolution of a forgotten device that was once the cornerstone of chemical analysis

Organic Matter

An odd couple

Coupling unactivated phenols with amines requires an unusual approach, as Karl Collins discovers

Critical Point

Shadow of Chernobyl

Mark Peplow takes the long view on the cost of nuclear power 


April 2016

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ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt

13 April 2016

ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt

I shall wear purple

18 March 2016

I shall wear purple