The Crucible

The game (theory) of life

Philip Ball asks if the building blocks of life benefit from cooperation 

In the Pipeline

Let's see that again

Has chemistry evaded the reproducibility crises affecting other branches of science? Or is it just a question of scale, asks Derek Lowe


In, out, shake it all about

UK trade bodies predominantly favour remaining in the EU


Data ex machina

Paul Groth explains why linked data is starting to revolutionise medicinal chemistry

Classic Kit

Nicol’s prism

Andrea Sella illuminates the story of the man who gave the world plane polarised light

Organic Matter

Crossing the boundaries

Getting reagents across interfaces requires help from phase-transfer catalysts – but transferring information is harder, says Chemjobber

Critical Point

Power to the people

Tesla’s Gigafactory is set to be a milestone for electric vehicles, says Mark Peplow


June 2016

Readers' thoughts and feedback


The Fire Medicine

19 May 2016

The Fire Medicine

ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt

13 April 2016

ISACS19 poster prize winner: Aubert Ribaucourt