The Crucible

The spirit of the matter

Philip Ball muses on the mercurial nature of chemical history

In the Pipeline

Ignorance is no defence

In a chemistry lab, what you don’t know really can hurt you, says Derek Lowe


Rules of engagement

Whither the future of magazines? Wherever our readers lead us.


What we mean when we talk about bonds

Santiago Alvarez delves into the debates and disagreements that surround one of chemistry's most fundamental concepts

Classic Kit

Landriani's eudiometer

An end to bad air days

Organic Matter

Rubriflordilactone A

Sometimes it’s worth building aromatics instead of buying them, says BRSM

Critical Point

The big experiment

Plans to stop assessing school pupils’ practical work are the wrong solution to a genuine problem, says Mark Peplow


January 2015

Neonicotinoids in the crossfire


The joy of fluorescent proteins

29 January 2015

The joy of fluorescent proteins

Time’s running out for your chance to win £500!

27 January 2015

Time’s running out for your chance to win £500!