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Pfizer and Allergan agree mega-merger

27 November 2015  Business

$160 billion deal allows Pfizer to escape US tax system by re-homing in Ireland

Merger creates new gases giant

27 November 2015 Business

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Air Liquide will buy Airgas in a $13 billion deal to become the world’s biggest industrial gases supplier

Drug firms to share chemical compound libraries

26 November 2015 Business

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AstraZeneca and Sanofi aim to facilitate drug discovery by swapping 210,000 proprietary chemical compounds

Advancing animal testing alternatives

18 November 2015 Business

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Animal rights groups are engaging with researchers and regulators to develop replacement tests and ensure they’re adopted

Carbon dioxide leak at US coffee plant prompts federal probe  

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating a fatal incident at a T...

Building better bottles  

Catalytic Technologies wants to replace antimony catalysts in polyester production with sa...

Viral cancer therapy approved in the US  

T-Vec is the first approved oncolytic virus, but its limited treatment scope means it is u...

AstraZeneca to buy ZS Pharma for ion-balance drugs  

$2.7 billion deal anticipates regulatory success for drug candidate under review

Pharma kickback claims lead to individual prosecutions  

Warner Chilcott and Novartis face large fines for paying doctors to prescribe their drugs

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