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Cosmetics deals push skin 3D bioprinting

24 September 2015  Business

Interest for testing from L’Oréal, BASF and Procter & Gamble could be a stepping stone towards bespoke organs

EPA fines Mosaic Fertilizer over hazardous waste handling

8 October 2015 Business

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US Environmental Protection Agency agrees settlement contract including $8m penalty and $800m in investments

Controversial new trade deal finalised

8 October 2015 Business

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership could raise the price of medicines, especially in developing nations

Bristol-Myers-Squibb fined for alleged Chinese bribes

7 October 2015 Business

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US Securities and Exchange Commission accepts $14m settlement for charges covering the last five years

Safety board fills in details of deadly DuPont leak  

In interim investigation has outlined the events and safety failings leading to a methyl m...

Drax pulls out of carbon capture power station plans  

Energy giant says government policies have slashed income and made carbon capture project ...

Bayer CropScience pays $5.6m to settle 2008 accident charges  

Fine will fund environmental projects, fire department upgrades and wastewater treatment f...

Amgen expands cardiovascular portfolio with Dezima acquisition  

Amgen’s $300 million purchase of Dutch biotech gives the company the potential to offer ...

Merger fever sweeps pharma  

The life sciences sector has been gripped by a mergers and acquisition frenzy, and it look...

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