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No one should be denied medication

14 August 2015  Business

Exclusive interview
 with Yusuf Hamied
, chairman of Indian generic drugmaker Cipla

Syngenta fends off Monsanto takeover bid

27 August 2015 Business

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Unmoving objection to merger leads US giant to drop pursuit

Job cuts at Lundbeck and DSM

27 August 2015 Business

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Each cutting around 1000 roles in reorganisation efforts

Female sexual desire drug approved

26 August 2015 Business

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Concerns raised over efficacy, side effects and use of advocacy campaigning to influence regulatory decisions

Indian pharma under increased regulatory scrutiny  

Import bans and tightened rules pose a significant challenge for companies

Porous pills could be largest industrial 3D printing use  

US grants first-of-a-kind approval for Aprecia’s epilepsy tablets exploiting porous stru...

Greek crisis puts pressure on pharmaceuticals  

Public spending cuts and capital restrictions on banks have exacerbated drug supply proble...

Deadly chemical blast at Chinese port  

Explosion at warehouse in Tianjin kills at least 50 and injures hundreds, while ammonia le...

Shire makes hostile bid for Baxalta  

Recently spun-out from Baxter, Baxalta is resisting the deal, saying it wants time to prov...

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