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Catalytic carbon dioxide convertors

24 February 2015  Business

Company profile: Econic Technologies makes catalysts that build carbon dioxide into performance polymers

Asahi Kasei to buy Polypore for battery materials

26 February 2015 Business

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$2.2bn deal adds to Japanese consolidation in energy storage

US opens up home DNA screening

25 February 2015 Business

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FDA approves single disease genetic test and clears pathway for similar devices

B-MS bolsters immuno-oncology with pair of deals

24 February 2015 Business

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Firm will acquire Flexus Biosciences and collaborate with Rigel

Valeant to buy Salix for $14.5bn  

Companies expect $500m in savings through ‘R&D rationalisation’

Europe approves stem cell therapy  

Treatment for burn-damaged eyes uses patient’s own scaffold-grown cells

Hepatitis C drug patent challenged in Europe  

Campaign group says Gilead’s expensive blockbuster sofosbuvir is not innovative enough t...

Teva wins generic esomeprazole race  

US approval of heartburn drug after Ranbaxy version was withdrawn by regulators

US approves internal tissue glue  

Urethane-based TissuGlu aids healing after abdominal surgery

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