Changing phases

15 April 2014  Jobs Profile (Personal)

John Goodby has discovered new forms of matter and invented new materials. Helen Carmichael speaks to him about his career

Should I stay or should I go?

7 April 2014  Managing Change

Relocating a research group can be a stressful experience. Nina Notman asks academics how they coped with making the move

Chasing the sun

19 March 2014  Jobs Profile (Personal)

It took some time, and a lot of jobs, but Matt Carnie eventually found a role he loves in materials research. Manisha Lalloo asks for his career analysis

China's foreigner investment

26 February 2014  The Insider

As China positions itself as a world-leader in research, western scientists are in demand. Vikki Cantrill talks to the chemists who have emigrated east

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