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Isolation of cyanoformate suggests new carbon capture approaches

7 April 2014 Research

Elusive ion solves mystery that baffled plant biochemists and offers new way to trap carbon dioxide

Popcorn-like explosion of single crystals explained

27 March 2014 Research

Light-activation reaction and phase transformation make crystals jump, roll and pop

Short peptides self-assemble into a catalyst

16 March 2014 Research

Catalysts made from peptide chains just seven amino acids long could shed light on enzyme evolution

Chemists make headway on C–H activation challenges

14 March 2014 Research

New ways to target and control C-H bonds creates opportunities for organic synthesis.

Quantum tunnelling sparks chemistry on cold surfaces

27 February 2014 Research

Larger atoms than hydrogen shown to be able to tunnel opening up frigid cosmos to a richer range of chemistry

Synthetic ‘textbook model’ of a biological catalyst

25 February 2014 Research

Simple molecules that mimic the way an enzyme acts on its substrate set to become 'classic illustration' of biological catalysis

Laser writing makes ‘bone like’ material

3 February 2014 Research

Microstructures are built to be lightweight but strong, just like bone

New biosensor inspired by turkeys

24 January 2014 Research

Researchers have developed a sensor that detects volatile chemicals by mimicking the way turkeys change their skin colour

Cheap and colourful holographic sensors

21 January 2014 Research

Dynamic holograms change colour in response to pH or glucose

Flexible electronics get even more bendy

8 January 2014 Research

Swiss scientists produce a circuit so thin and pliant that it can be wrapped arond a human hair

Rare element substitution a tricky proposition

6 January 2014 News and Analysis

Audit of scarce materials finds alternatives for use in modern technologies like computers and mobiles are even scarcer

Caged toxin for safer, better bacterial vaccines

3 December 2013 Research

Hybrid nanoparticles can deliver unmodified toxins giving the immune system a better education to resist future infections

Pressure cooker produces new metal hydride

29 November 2013 Research

Combining hydrogen and iridium under pressure gives a hydrogen-rich hydride with an unusual structure

A drop of extra bounce

20 November 2013 Research

Discovery of a way to make water bounce off surfaces faster could be used to stop ice forming on jet engines

A MOF that goes off with a bang

14 November 2013 Research

Chinese researchers build a three-dimensional framework to cage the most powerful metal-based explosive ever created

Rocket-propelled read-out for new DNA chip

7 November 2013 Research

Minute amounts of target DNA can be detected and read off by eye

US researchers create 'cleanest’ graphene yet

31 October 2013 Research

As a bonus a one-dimensional electrical contact was also added to the graphene to allow it to show its true electronic potential

Virtual moulds cast colloid Blue Mosque

22 October 2013 Research

Everything from ions to living cells can be directed to self-assemble using magnetic fields

Neonicotinoids let virus thrive in bees

21 October 2013 Research

Italian scientists find that pesticides suppress honeybees' immune systems letting diseases gain the upper hand

Syria’s decision to join Chemical Weapons Convention welcomed

20 September 2013 News and Analysis

Tests confirm sarin was used in the conflict, questions remain regarding how stockpiles will be destroyed.

Explosive research isolates mercury azides

11 September 2013 Research

Cool nerves and steady hands were needed to isolate and characterise explosive mercury compounds

New ceramic can handle the heat

2 September 2013 Research

First tunable material that either expands, contracts or remains unchanged when heated

New evidence for room temperature graphite superconductivity leaves experts unconvinced

13 August 2013 Research

Questions remain over whether the phenomenon is merely an artifact

Acetone breathalyser to help fight the flab

26 July 2013 Research

Device tells smart phone how fast you’re burning fat and could help patients to control diabetes

Why is silver deposition so fast?

4 July 2013 Research

Theoreticians claim to have solved the metal deposition enigma