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Flexible polymer threads set to light up clothing

23 March 2015 Research

Multi-colour light-emitting wires can be woven or knitted into fabrics for haute couture or monitoring patients' vital signs

Diamond sensor atom scale imaging proposed

22 January 2015 Research

Technique could, in theory, be used to build up a detailed picture of protein binding sites and other complex structures using NMR

Nanostripe controversy in new twist

24 November 2014 Research

Creator of striped nanoparticles insists questions over structures have already been answered and accuses critics of a 'personal war'

Magnetic resonance taken to the limit

21 November 2014 Research

Technique can read the spin of a single nucleus opening up a new way to investigate proteins and complex molecules

A new way to convert light to electricity

30 October 2014 Research

Discovery could lead to novel photovoltaics made from just metals

Molecular magnet goes ultracool

28 October 2014 Research

Magnetic refrigeration taken to below 1K for the first time

New light microscope creates 3D movies inside living cells

23 October 2014 Research

Researchers have built a microscope that can examine the inner workings of living cells in 3D

Isotope effect produces new type of chemical bond

22 October 2014 Research

Evidence emerges for vibrational bond first proposed 30 years ago

Helium happily shares electrons to create dianions

16 October 2014 Research

Fullerene dianions created in nanodroplets of helium opening up new ways of creating exotic molecular species

Nanoscale microphone based on a single molecule

3 October 2014 Research

World’s smallest ‘nanomicrophone’ could one day be used to eavesdrop on the mysterious transition between classical and quantum mechanics

First interstellar sighting of a branched alkyl molecule

25 September 2014 Research

Discovery shows that stellar nurseries could hold amino acids too that might have been the spark for life on Earth

Computer simulations point to formamide as prebiotic intermediate in ‘Miller’ mixtures

16 September 2014 Research

Electric field may have provided more than just energy for primordial chemistry

‘Unifying theory’ proposed for carbon monoxide oxidation on supported gold nanoparticles

4 September 2014 Research

Water vapour may explain differing catalytic activities found at labs around the world

Rigid molecular wires make electrons fly

29 August 2014 Research

Organic wires conduct electrons 800 times faster than other molecular counterparts by letting them hitch a ride on a vibrational wave

Knock-out theory puts new spin on general anaesthesia

12 August 2014 Research

Anaesthetics effect on proteins' electronic structure could explain mystery of how diverse molecules can cause unconsciousness

3D printed reactionware hots up

6 August 2014 Research

New materials created in printed plastic vessels that can withstand high temperatures

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off

27 July 2014 Research

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule thick – could be tailored to many applications

Tough tungsten alloy produces purer nanotubes

27 June 2014 Research

Heat stable catalyst grows carbon nanotubes with 90% uniform chirality

Synthetic receptor recognises entire drug family

17 June 2014 Research

Supramolecular structure could be used to monitor the rise of new 'designer' drugs excreted into sewers

Spider venom pesticide 'harmless to bees'

4 June 2014 Research

Fusion protein kills aphids and caterpillars but doesn't disrupt bees' foraging instincts

Unusual H-bond patterns revealed in single molecule image

27 May 2014 Research

Hydrogen atoms in a molecule of cobalt phthalocyanine appear to be ‘shared’ between multiple centres

3D printing reveals shark skin secrets

14 May 2014 Research

Facsimile skin with tiny tooth-like bumps improves shark's swimming efficiency by 6%

Element 117 poised to enter superheavyweight division

6 May 2014 Research

Latest evidence for ununseptium reveals that the decay chain is longer than previously thought

Elusive σ aromaticity captured

28 April 2014 Research

Never before seen five-membered aromatic ring isolated in metal hydride with implication for catalysis

Isolation of cyanoformate suggests new carbon capture approaches

7 April 2014 Research

Elusive ion solves mystery that baffled plant biochemists and offers new way to trap carbon dioxide