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The dream of zeolite design

30 October 2015  Premium contentFeature

Zeolites are important industrial catalysts, so why can’t chemists make them to order? Andrew Turley finds out

Citric acid

8 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade – or you could make citric acid, a very useful commodity chemical according to Andrew Turley


24 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Tempted by a tipple of home-brewed moonshine? Andrew Turley examines the risks associated with drinking methanol.

Carbon nanotube-based sensor detects meat spoilage

23 April 2015 Research

Electron density of cobalt porphyrin complexes key to meat freshness sensor

23andMe jumps into drug R&D

23 March 2015 Business

Gene profiling firm aims to capitalise on its databank of genetic information to discover new drugs

AbbVie to buy Pharmacyclics for pipeline boost

10 March 2015 Business

$21bn deal gives AbbVie a share in sales of blockbuster cancer drug as its own biggest sellers face patent expiry

Hepatitis C drug patent challenged in Europe

19 February 2015 Business

Campaign group says Gilead’s expensive blockbuster sofosbuvir is not innovative enough to warrant a patent

Fish skin dressing helps heal wounds

18 February 2015 Research

Collagen fibres derived from the skin of tilapia fish supported faster wound healing in rats

Enzyme uses internal network for cyclisation

12 February 2015 Research

Researchers have pinpointed individual amino acid residues involved in the production of cyclic terpenes by a plant enzyme

DuPont and Monsanto settle Roundup dispute

12 April 2013 Business

Firms drop expensive ongoing litigation in favour of a licensing deal

Interpol teams up with pharma

18 March 2013 Business

Pharmaceutical crime programme will seek to reduce trade in fake drugs

Dow makes $1.5bn divestiture plans

15 March 2013 Business

Liveris in favour of 'selectively pruning' further non-core units

Dispute over Arkema finances

13 March 2013 Business

French speciality chemical company Arkema accused of misrepresenting business sold to investment firm last year

Alcohol dependence pill approved in EU

5 March 2013 Business

Selincro tablets from Lundbeck designed to reduce consumption of alcohol

University to acquire Shell UK R&D site

5 March 2013 Business

Site at Thornton will become a science park under the stewardship of the University of Chester

Dow rapped for $1bn tax scheme

1 March 2013 Business

Judge opines: 'tax law deals in economic realities, not legal abstractions'

Does chemical regulation boost innovation?

28 February 2013 Business

Report suggests that supply of innovation responds to extra demand created by new laws

Talk of a $6.6bn deal for Elan

27 February 2013 Business

Potential offer from Royalty Pharma comes as Elan ponders how to spend its cash from Tysabri rights

$595m octreotide deal grabs Roche

21 February 2013 Business

Company will get worldwide rights to oral formulation of growth hormone drug

Merck resolves Vytorin case for $688m

19 February 2013 Business

Investors say the company knew about Enhance trial failure but withheld information

BMS sells OTC drugs for $482m

14 February 2013 Business

Bristol-Myers Squibb will offload rights to a range of over-the-counter products to Reckitt Benckiser

Ozone device for food packaging

12 February 2013 Business

Device uses plasma to create ozone inside sealed packaging

Biogen buys Tysabri from Elan for $3.25bn

8 February 2013 Business

Elan earns huge cash injection for blockbuster drug

BASF drops GM potato projects

7 February 2013 Business

Move follows transfer of R&D from Europe to US