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Science ink: tattoos of the science obsessed

18 November 2014 Review

Colour me chemical

Brent Sumerlin: Searching for a sweet response

20 February 2014 Research

Brent Sumerlin tells Laura Howes he always knew he wanted to be a polymer chemist

Phillip Messersmith: Sticky research

12 December 2013 Research

Phillip Messersmith talks bioadhesives with Laura Howes

The big questions in science

10 December 2013 Review

Just say know

Novartis to shut Horsham site

6 November 2013 Business

UK research centre closure to result in the loss of 371 jobs as firm consolidates its global R&D base

UK failing to capitalise on graphene

1 November 2013 News and Analysis

Graphene may have been discovered in the UK, but report warns that country's industry is falling behind global competitors

DuPont expands Chinese site

29 October 2013 Business

Chemical firm's Shanghai based R&D centre will grow by 17,500 square metres and house 150 more researchers

The dance of glass atoms caught on tape

10 October 2013 Research

Real-time footage of silica rearrangements under stress will help understand the material

Chemist sentenced to life

3 October 2013 News and Analysis

Tianle Li, who poisoned her husband with thallium, has been sentenced to life imprisonment

Twisting molecules for faster reactions

3 October 2013 Research

Technique probes how different conformers react and discovers one reaction proceeds 50% faster for one conformer over the other

The great chemistry cookoff

26 September 2013 Last Retort

Is the comparison between chemistry and cooking really an insult?

Elemental weigh in

25 September 2013 News and Analysis

New standard atomic weights released for 19 elements of the periodic table

Senate bill aims to soothe helium market

23 September 2013 News and Analysis

US government looks to continue the sell off its helium stockpile but price rises may cost research dear

Reform of Russian Academy of Sciences passed

20 September 2013 News and Analysis

Controversial reforms approved by Duma

Cork taint shuts down your nose

17 September 2013 Research

Off smell and taste in wine might not be caused by chemicals that smell bad, but by chemicals that stop us smelling

What happens when you perturb the system?

17 September 2013 Research

David Smith tells Laura Howes how molecules take on personalities

Taking temperature with a temporary tattoo

15 September 2013 Research

John Rogers' flexible electronics are given another application

Nanoscale Squid can measure single electron

3 September 2013 Research

Tiny loops measure the magnetic moment of electrons as it scans across a surface

New oxidation state of uranium discovered

2 September 2013 Research

30 year search is over as uranium is shown to have a +2 oxidation state in addition to its others

Water acts as a lubricant for molecular machines

1 September 2013 Research

Dutch chemists say the same might also be true for enzymes and other biological molecules

Nice rules against Afinitor

30 August 2013 Business

Novartis’ drug will not routinely be available on the UK health service

Greener flares better for the environment

23 August 2013 Research

Polluting perchlorates replaced with a cheap, energetic nitrogen-rich compound and may even mean less smoke and better fireworks displays

Stemming the tide

21 August 2013 Feature

Women are leaving chemistry in greater numbers than men. Laura Howes looks at how to mend the leaky pipeline

The ascent of molecules

23 July 2013  Premium contentFeature

Life’s molecular origins may not be preserved in fossils but Laura Howes finds out that chemists are filling the gaps

EU to ban fipronil

19 July 2013 News and Analysis

Europe bans another pesticide in a bid to protect honeybees