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Perfectly in tune

26 November 2015 Jobs Profile (Personal)

May Turner tells Phillip Broadwith how she balances topping the music charts with developing the latest generation of engine oils

Toeing the advertising line

24 November 2015 Editorial

Companies have to tread a little carefully when it comes to advertising prescription drugs

Building better bottles

17 November 2015 Business

Catalytic Technologies wants to replace antimony catalysts in polyester production with safer, more active titanium

AstraZeneca to buy ZS Pharma for ion-balance drugs

9 November 2015 Business

$2.7 billion deal anticipates regulatory success for drug candidate under review

Shire to buy rare disease specialist Dyax

4 November 2015 Business

Deal includes an already-approved drug for angioedema and an experimental antibody treatment

Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy Cardioxyl for heart drug

3 November 2015 Business

Deal worth up to $2bn gives BMS full rights to Phase II clinical candidate

Job cuts at Daiichi, Perrigo and Cabot

28 October 2015 Business

Staff reductions aimed at cutting costs or, in Perrigo’s case, fending off a takeover bid

A taxing problem

27 October 2015 Editorial

Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do

Nine dead in China plant blast

22 October 2015 Business

Explosion in Shandong province latest of several incidents in Chinese chemical plants

Safety board fills in details of deadly DuPont leak

5 October 2015 Business

In interim investigation has outlined the events and safety failings leading to a methyl mercaptan release that killed four workers

Human capital

1 October 2015 Editorial

Business leader: Incubators and hubs for small and medium-sized enterprises are all the fashion

Syngenta fends off Monsanto takeover bid

27 August 2015 Business

Unmoving objection to merger leads US giant to drop pursuit

Job cuts at Lundbeck and DSM

27 August 2015 Business

Each cutting around 1000 roles in reorganisation efforts

Drugs in a class of their own

27 August 2015 Editorial

Business leader: New drug types need careful regulation to reward innovation while protecting patients

Berry plastics to buy Avintiv for $2.5bn

4 August 2015 Business

Deal helps Berry diversify from food packaging into speciality medical materials

AstraZeneca sells off drugs to streamline portfolio

3 August 2015 Business

Crohn’s disease and rare thyroid cancer drugs lie outside firm’s renewed strategic focus

Lightweight composites drive Solvay to buy Cytec

31 July 2015 Business

$5.5bn deal launches Solvay into aerospace materials business

Biogen to develop gene therapies with AGTC

29 July 2015 Business

$1bn deal gives Biogen rights to one clinical candidate and several earlier-stage programmes for rare eye diseases

Hikma boosts generics with Roxane buyout

29 July 2015 Business

Acquiring the Boehringer Ingelheim subsidiary expands Hikma’s presence in US generics market

Celgene to buy immune-inflammatory specialist Receptos

29 July 2015 Business

$7.2bn deal further strengthens Celgene’s position in immunology

Three dead in Chinese petrochemical plant fire

27 July 2015 Business

Further four workers injured after leaking oil ignited at Qingyang Petrochemical plant in Gansu province

Taking responsibility seriously

23 July 2015 Editorial

Business leader: Companies have a duty to be proactive when it comes to sustainability

An unsustainable hypocrisy

21 July 2015 Business

Social responsibility should extend through the whole supply chain, not just be a tool to put pressure on feedstock suppliers

Thermo Fisher to buy Alfa Aesar chemical supplies

8 July 2015 Business

Research chemicals business no longer a strategic fit for owner Johnson Matthey

Celgene backs immunotherapy with Juno collaboration

8 July 2015 Business

$1bn investment in 10-year CAR-T cell partnership for cancer treatments