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Barbituric acid

4 March 2015 Podcast | Compounds

It may have been largely superceded in the clinic but Phil Robinson discovers there is no rest yet for barbituric acid

Are you sitting comfortably?

3 March 2015 Editorial

Science has great tales to tell, but we mustn’t let a good story get in the way of the facts

Explosive chemistry

29 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

The Forensic Explosives Laboratory supports police investigations into unlawful use of explosives. Philip Robinson reports from Fort Halstead

Audit of fracking fluids highlights data deficiencies

15 August 2014 News and Analysis

Secrecy hampers efforts to understand potential risks of chemicals used in fracking

To detect and defend

23 July 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Rebecca Hopkins tells Philip Robinson about her life and work as a scientist in the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Chemistry on the front line

20 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Robinson reports from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down

By royal appointment

17 January 2014 The Insider

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 brings UK science and industry together through its industrial fellowship scheme. Philip Robinson reports

Capital chemistry

3 June 2013  Premium contentFeature

Phil Robinson looks back at three centuries of chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

Terahertz turns up fresco's hidden artwork

11 April 2013 Research

Concealed image in Louvre artifact revealed by terahertz spectroscopy, after other analytical techniques failed to do so

The truth about snake oil?

8 April 2013 Research

First analyses of elixirs, nostrums and other cures sold at the turn of the last century

Characterization of nanostructures

21 March 2013 Review

Tiny typing

Roy David ‘Gus’ Guthrie AM CChem FRSC (1934–2013)

21 February 2013 News and Analysis

Former Secretary General of the RSC and founding fellow of two Australian universities died on 12 January


13 February 2013 Podcast | Compounds

Philip Robinson tells us about the first chemotherapeutic drug

NMR with a light touch

30 January 2013 Research

Scientists in the US are developing a novel NMR method that uses light to pick up the spin of nuclei

Shine on you crazy Diamond

2 January 2013 News and Analysis

The Diamond Light Source based at Harwell, UK, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and five years of operation

Guided by the light of a neutron candle

19 July 2012  Premium contentFeature

Philip Robinson celebrates 40 years of experiments from the world's most intense neutron source

Triazine boosts polymer energy storage

3 July 2012 Research

Lithium batteries could potentially store double the amount energy using a new porous framework electrode

Titanium dioxide

20 June 2012 Podcast | Compounds

This week's podcast is about titanium dioxide

Graphite super lube works at micron scale

28 May 2012 Research

Scientists show graphite surfaces can slide over each other with no interference from friction

In the sky with (nano)diamonds

24 February 2012 News Archive

Meteoric nanodiamonds were formed from 'carbon onion' collisions

Nanoear listens in on cellular motoring

9 January 2012 News Archive

Scientists working in Germany have developed a tiny listening device to eavesdrop on the sounds of microscopic objects such as living cells

Commission appoints first chief scientific adviser

6 December 2011 News Archive

Aberdeen microbiologist Anne Glover will provide the European commission with advice on science and technology