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45 years ago: A medal for Atkins

28 May 2015 Flashback

Peter Atkins was awarded the 1969 Meldola medal for his work in theoretical chemistry

How research organisations can ensure compliance with the GHS CLP chemical regulation

28 May 2015 Webinars

Learn about the latest revisions of the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulation

Isotope geochemistry

27 May 2015 Review

A matter of decay

Integrating spectral analysis into academic research & teaching

20 May 2015 Webinars

Join us in this free webinar to find out how to effectively deploy the latest spectral data and analysis tools campus-wide at your university or college.

The nuclear danger of iodine

20 May 2015 Comments

It may not be an element you think of as problematic. But, as Mark Foreman explains, iodine causes very complicated problems in nuclear accidents

Flexible, faster formulation

30 April 2015 Comments

The chemical using industries remain central to UK economic recovery, explains Simon Rushworth

30 years ago: wartime degrees

24 April 2015 Flashback

How prisoners during the Second World War were able to study for chemistry degrees

Fortress House

2 April 2015 Flashback

The Scientific Societies Lecture Theatre in Savile Row, London, was used for RSC lectures for many years

Be careful what you wish for

25 March 2015 Comments

Measuring R&D productivity is a thorny issue. Dennis Lendrem urges the pharmaceutical industry to learn from its mistakes.

The lost elements: the periodic table’s shadow side

17 March 2015 Review

Lost but not forgotten

The Oxford handbook of food fermentations

13 March 2015 Review

Food for thought

Macrocycles in drug discovery

10 March 2015 Review

A rounded concept

Chemistry World podcast – March 2015

5 March 2015 Podcast | Monthly

How cephalopods teach chemists about camouflage, and new ways to convert carbon dioxide into useful materials

Metal mergers

26 February 2015 Flashback

The Metals Society and the Institution of Metallurgists merged to form a new learned society

Perfecting the science of R&D tax relief

26 February 2015 Webinars

Raising awareness of R&D tax relief, eligibility to claim, and guiding companies through the complexities of submitting claims to HMRC.

Calculations in chemistry

20 February 2015 Review

Chemical calculus

Setting the record straight

19 February 2015 Comments

Everyone makes mistakes, says François-Xavier Coudert. But in science, everyone has to correct them too.

CLP: Act now before the June 2015 deadline

17 February 2015 Webinars

Unsure about how CLP impacts on your business? This short webinar aims provide to a broad overview.

Indian science at the crossroads

12 February 2015 Comments

S Umapathy, from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, surveys the Indian scientific landscape