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10 years ago: science learning centres

25 July 2014 Flashback

Plans were laid for a new network of science learning centres to be established across the UK

The energy to fight injustice

23 July 2014 Comments

Giving the world carbon-free energy means putting nuclear energy back on the agenda, says James Hansen

The quantum age

23 July 2014 Review

Everyday explanations

Laboratory health & safety and the law

17 July 2014 Webinars

Find out more about the practical side of health and safety law

Phasing in crystallography: a modern perspective

15 July 2014 Review

Modern solutions to the phase problem

Lucky planet

8 July 2014 Review

An unlikely existence

Key ingredients in a successful marketing mix

3 July 2014 Webinars

Join us to explore the key marketing issues faced by small scientific companies

Of atoms and aesthetics

3 July 2014 Comments

From molecular representations to elegant syntheses, Tami Spector considers the ways chemists find beauty in their work

Chemistry World podcast - July 2014

2 July 2014 Podcast | Monthly

We speak to artist Briony Marshall and art detective Warren Warren about the more artistic sides of chemistry

10 years ago: CoEBio3 opens in Manchester

26 June 2014 Flashback

The Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture opened its doors in 2004

Bring the power of portable mass detection to your lab

24 June 2014 Webinars

Find out how a simple-to-operate miniaturised mass detector and sample interface unit can be used by any chemist as part of their everyday toolkit

The science and commerce of whisky

11 June 2014 Review

Distilled distinction

February 2014

5 June 2014 Letters

Origins of Bragg's Law, a mysterious recipe and the use of -ous in US

Chemical toxicity prediction

5 June 2014 Review

Safety screen

March 2014

5 June 2014 Letters

The long history of crystallography, more on 'us and -ous, and a mysterious recipe is solved

Chemistry World podcast - June 2014

2 June 2014 Podcast | Monthly

We speak to Tom Brown, the 2014 Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the Year, and find out why cells spend so much time doing nothing

Practical Raman spectroscopy: an introduction

2 June 2014 Review

Non-specialist spectroscopy

It belongs to the people

30 May 2014 Last Retort

How Marie Curie’s desire to share her science for the common good priced her out the game

10 years ago: Sanofi-Aventis takeover

30 May 2014 Flashback

Aventis accepted a takeover bid from French rival Sanofi Synthélabo, creating the world's third largest pharma giant

We need to talk about Nagoya

29 May 2014 Comments

Darren Smyth explains why the Nagoya Protocol could become a problem for European research

Around the world in 18 elements

29 May 2014 Review

Elementary introductions

Oxygen: a four billion year history

27 May 2014 Review

The story of O

50 and more essential NMR experiments

20 May 2014 Review

Spectral lines