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25 years ago: Research and reward

26 November 2015 Flashback

E J Corey reflects on winning the Nobel Prize

Science communication competition 2015–16

26 November 2015 News and Analysis

Your chance to be published in Chemistry World & present at the Royal Institution

Chemistry World Book Club podcast - Scientific Babel

5 November 2015 Podcast | Monthly

We probe the nature of scientific language with Michael Gordin's bestseller, Scientific Babel

November 2015

2 November 2015 Letters

Exaggerated cholesterol danger and lanthanides at the antiques fair

30 years ago: Set for success

29 October 2015 Flashback

Sir Jack Baldwin's enthusiasm for science began with the gift of a chemistry set

Chemistry World podcast – October 2015

19 October 2015 Podcast | Monthly

This month, we chart a course through chemical space and discover the potential problems of cleaning up Sellafield

October 2015

8 October 2015 Letters

Periodic table harmonies and woolly models

Behind closed doors: How to win the Nobel prize

7 October 2015 Comments

Bengt Norden addresses the myths and rumours surrounding the world's most prestigious science prize

Live blog: Unravelling DNA repair mechanisms takes chemistry Nobel

7 October 2015 News and Analysis

Keep up with the latest news and gossip on the Nobel prize

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – A is for Arsenic

1 October 2015 Podcast | Monthly

In the first of a brand new podcast series, we get together to discuss 'A is for Arsenic: the poisons of Agatha Christie'

NMR: the toolkit – how pulse sequences work

25 September 2015 Review

Tools of the trade

20 years ago: Anniversary planting

24 September 2015 Flashback

Queen’s University Belfast celebrated its 150th anniversary by planting a laburnum tree outside the former laboratory of chemist Thomas Andrews

REACH Registration: Are you ready for 2018?

23 September 2015 Webinars

Get an introducuction to the concepts of REACH Registration for the 2018 deadline, highlighting the challenges faced in particular by manufacturers and importers new to the process

Pericyclic reactions

18 September 2015 Review

Cyclical anniversaries

X-ray crystallography

4 September 2015 Review

A crystal primer

Chemistry World podcast – September 2015

1 September 2015 Podcast | Monthly

In this months podcast, we discuss Ebola and malaria vaccines in the pipeline, the history of peer review, and managing the mountain of chemical data

September 2015

1 September 2015 Letters

Remembering Evelyn Ebsworth and academics in industry

The postdoc problem: too many, or the wrong kind?

31 August 2015 Comments

Are concerns about postdoc proliferation valid? Maybe we just need to make their training more diverse, suggests Keith Micoli

D-block chemistry

28 August 2015 Review

D-block decoded

30 years ago: A Nobel portrait

27 August 2015 Flashback

A painting of Dorothy Hodgkin depicting the busy scientist with four hands went on display at the National Portrait Gallery

August 2015

3 August 2015 Letters

Chemistry collector's edition and the way to Ytterby

Human universe

3 August 2015 Review

Rock stars

Chemistry World podcast – August2015

1 August 2015 Podcast | Monthly

In this space special, we learn how to study comets surfaces, and speak to a Nobel Prize winner about his 20-year-old prediction proving to be correct

20 years ago: RSC on the World Wide Web

23 July 2015 Flashback

The Royal Society of Chemistry launched it's online presence at a ceremony in Cambridge