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Audit reveals ‘Europe’s MIT’ mired in problems

10 May 2016 News and Analysis

European Institute of Innovation and Technology troubled since its inception seven years ago

Decadal plan to boost Australian chemistry

9 March 2016 News and Analysis

Commercial opportunities to take centre stage in a country that has historically failed to capitalise on its strong research base

Science a priority for Indian government in latest budget

8 March 2016 News and Analysis

Rising funding for research includes a plan to turn 20 institutes into India's Ivy League

Huge publishing scandal engulfs South Korean universities

26 January 2016 News and Analysis

Academics in many disciplines republished textbooks to pad CVs and line their pockets

India maintains scientific edge despite static funding

18 December 2015 News and Analysis

Historic love affair with chemistry keeps country’s science healthy

GM food and feed law falters in EU parliament

3 November 2015 News and Analysis

Proposal would have allowed individual member states to ban the sale of genetically modified organisms

Falling Horizon success rates worry research community

28 October 2015 News and Analysis

Success rates for European research programme drop to 14% as private industry takes larger share of squeezed pot

Scotland moves to ban GM crops under EU law

12 August 2015 News and Analysis

Concerns expressed that decision to protect nation's 'clean, green status' is not based on sound science

Despair and anger among Greek scientists at universities' finances

17 July 2015 News and Analysis

Little hope that billions of euros in new loans from the EU will improve the situation

Scientists hail partial victory on efforts to block cuts to European research programme

1 June 2015 News and Analysis

Provisional compromise between EU politicians sees Horizon 2020 cut by €500m less than originally announced

UN sets its sights on marine microplastics

15 May 2015 News and Analysis

Scale of the problem means no simple solutions exist to tackle plastic particles already in the world’s oceans

European parliament refuses to back diversion of research cash

27 April 2015 News and Analysis

Committees tell President Jean-Claude Juncker to think again on funding for stimulus package

Future of GM in Germany hangs in the balance

7 April 2015 News and Analysis

German science academy speaks out in favour of GM crops as debate begins on whether to ban them

State of Europe’s environment scrutinised

11 March 2015 News and Analysis

European Environment Agency voices environmental concerns, but says progress has been made

Europe mulls laws to tackle microplastic scourge

5 February 2015 News and Analysis

Move follows call by five EU states to ban microplastics in consumer care products

€2.7bn research cuts to fund Europe's stimulus package unveiled

21 January 2015 News and Analysis

Big losers from Horizon 2020 science programme include Europe's technology institute and the European Research Council

New EU law set to open door to GM crops

15 January 2015 News and Analysis

Legislation that will let member states ban GMOs expected to ease approval of GM crops by Europe

Emissions trading scheme faces industry skepticism in South Korea

6 January 2015 News and Analysis

Businesses claim that cap and trade will cost them trillions of won and damage competitiveness

Plan to divert EU research cash into investment fund gets chilly response from scientists

4 December 2014 News and Analysis

European commission president wants to shift €2.7 billion to bolster weak economies

Plea for EU to act on GM from plant scientists

31 October 2014 News and Analysis

Open letter from top researchers decries politicisation of the approval process for genetically modified crops

European scientists rally to protest jobs and funding crisis

17 October 2014 News and Analysis

Marchs across the continent aim to raise the plight of research and emphasise its economic importance

Australia's chief scientist makes pitch for science

5 September 2014 News and Analysis

Ian Chubb calls on the government to set out a long-term plan for research, but there are doubts the plea will be heard

Research on ice at British Antarctic base

14 August 2014 News and Analysis

Coolant leak means experiments at the research station are unlikely to start again until the summer

US labs urged to develop stronger ‘culture of safety’

4 August 2014 News and Analysis

Report looks at new ways to prevent lethal accidents in chemistry labs

EU plan to let member states decide on GM

19 June 2014 News and Analysis

Draft directive would let countries choose whether to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops